Let ALDI help you entertain on a budget!

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One of the things I enjoy most about the holidays is getting together with friends to enjoy good food, friendship and maybe a glass of wine (or two!). I can’t afford to feed a house full of people organic food but I do try and stick to as natural as possible when I entertain. I frequently find good deals on baking supplies at so when I was asked to check out ALDI and their holiday entertaining items I was eager to see what other sorts of goodies I could find!

Whenever I get together with friends, there is usually a bottle of wine to share amongst friends. I was very impressed with both the selection and the price of the wines ALDI carries. While these were not brands I was overly familiar with, I don’t care what it says on the bottle as long as it tastes good. I found a wonderful variety of both reds and whites. I chose to get the Walker Napa Valley red wine, the Burlwood Cellars Chardonnay, and the Landshut Riesling. I decided to open up the Chardonnay last night while my husband and I watched the food network and was very pleased with the flavor. Lightly sweet with a nice little bite to it. I will save the other bottles for our guests next week!

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Cheese is a staple of my holiday entertaining and as I browsed through the dairy case at ALDI I came across a brie, goat cheese and some Havarti that all ended up in my basket! I have an awesome recipe for a cranberry goat cheese appetizer that I will post next week! It is absolutely yummy and VERY simple!

Of course, dips and spreads are also a big part of my holiday entertaining and rather than serving chips I like to offer things like toasted bagel or pita chips and raw veggies instead. I was very pleased to see a number of all natural products like these Clancy’s Bagel Chips. I love finding snacks with no artificial ingredients and when I find a good deal on them, I like to stock up! These chips will go great with some hummus and a glass of wine!

 Holiday entertaining can be expensive but the selection of wine and entertaining items at ALDI  was very reasonably priced. I am looking forward to serving a few of my great finds to guests next week. While I was shopping I also found a great selection of all natural crackers and roasted nuts. And did you know that ALDI pledges that their milk does NOT come from cows treated with recombinant growth hormones (rBGH)? There was a BIG sign on the cooler door and I was really impressed!

When you head to ALDI , remember to bring your own bags! Also, don’t forget a quarter to put into the cart machine! By cutting costs on disposable bags and cart damage, ALDI can offer you even lower prices. You will also not see a lot of frills or decorative displays atALDI either. BUT, you will find awesome deals to help you entertain on a budget!


Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ALDI and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.



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