Conquer Life Without Fear of Light Bladder Leakage with Poise!

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Last week, I put the teenagers to bed at night as per our usual routine. Lots of hollering to get teeth brushed, an amazingly long argument between the two of them over sink time and finally bedtime kisses and lights out. Yes, I am thrilled that I still get bedtime kisses from my children at their age! Thirty minutes later, I went upstairs to use the bathroom (as I do about every hour now that I am in my forties!) and I hear my daughter calling to me from her room. Cracking open the door, I hear her whisper to me “Mom, something is playing my guitar!” Um, okay? My daughter isn’t usually one to make things up so I turned on the light to check things out. I pick up the hopefully NOT haunted guitar and out crawls the HUGEST bug I have ever seen! Needless to say, the moments following this gruesome discovery involved A. Screaming hysterically (no I am not proud of that!) B. Leaping up and down while trying to kill it with a shoe  and C. A little bit of light bladder leakage (AKA LBL otherwise known as “I was so scared I peed myself”)  Yes, the reality of being almost 42 is that any sudden motion may result in accidental leakage!

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Poise and Light Bladder Leakage #SAMInYourPants

The reality of a post childbearing, 40 something body is that bladder control is pretty much shot. That means any sudden movement (especially those done when you really have to GO) can cause a little bit of light bladder leakage. What sort of things can trigger light bladder leakage for me?

  1. Allergies:  Since my allergies tend to be the coughing and sneezing variety, spring is always a bit of a challenge!
  2. Colds: Same issues as mentioned in ‘allergies’ only about 10 times worse!
  3. Scary movies:  Those movies where things jump out from behind shower curtains are always troublesome! Or, even when giant bugs jump out of not quite haunted guitars! Anything that creates a startled leap could lead to light bladder leakage.
  4. Exercise:  Two years of Taekwondo with my son was challenging given the instructor’s fondness for jumping jacks and other high impact warm up exercises. My son used to tease me mercilessly over the 6 bathroom trips I made before each class started!

#SAMInYourPants and exercise

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Conquer Light Bladder Leakage with Poise

You can’t always predict when LBL will hit. I certainly didn’t expect to discover a hideously oversized bug in my daughter’s guitar that night! If I KNOW I am going to need a little extra protection I will use a protective liner just in case. The Poise Microliner is the thinnest liner available in the light incontinence category from Poise to manage light bladder leakage (LBL). It lets you get out and about and be as active as you want to be without worrying about leaks. Go to the gym, take that high impact aerobics class, do as many jumping jacks as your drill sergeant instructor tells you to without worry!

Maybe even sit down to a scary movie with your spouse or vanquish hideous bugs without fear of LBL!

Poise Microliner and LBL #SAMInYourPants

Learn more about LBL at and get a free Poise Microliner sample! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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12 thoughts on “Conquer Life Without Fear of Light Bladder Leakage with Poise!”

  1. I use Poise’s thicker liners for occasional nighttime little leaks (I’ve never had a child but am in my 50s). What’s ALSO missing from this conversation is that leakage problems can in many cases be _fixed_ or drastically improved with *internal* (a.k.a. “women’s health”) pelvic floor Physical Therapy. It’s a relatively new area of PT. In a quiet room (like a massage room) there’s a 1-on-1 session with a female PT who specializes in the pelvic floor. This type of treatment (supplemented with very gentle exercises to strengthen inner muscles) can treat leakage (either kind), pain with sex, pelvic pain, and tailbone pain — all things related to the many muscles in the pelvic floor. Men who have groin or tailbone pain (competitive cyclists, etc.) also get this pelvic floor treatment (treated through a different orifice). As someone who discovered this type of treatment for chronic tailbone pain and pain with sex — both of which are pretty much solved. Spread the word. Leaking is not something that we have to live with forever. [I have no financial or other interest in this treatment, other than someone whose life has been made much better by it.]

    • I admit I am bad about ding my kegel exercises and should really do them more often. I definitely encourage women to talk to their drs if they are suffering from this…I’m sure there are many things that can be done!


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