Safe and Healthy London Travel Planning Tips

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly chaotic. Not only am I stressing out about the holidays but I am also in the midst of London travel planning. My daughter and I are heading to London right after Christmas with her high school band for the New Year’s Day parade in London. I am very concerned about how to have a safe journey to London together!

I haven’t done any international travel for about 15 years so I am just a little bit nervous about the whole thing. I have an amazingly long list of things to do before I leave and am hoping for a safe and healthy trip abroad. I thought I would share a few things that might help my readers prepare for their own international travel.

Staying safe abroad and coming home healthy are equally as important as having FUN on vacation, right? Since we are traveling with a group and paying for someone to put together a travel package for us, I can focus on the ‘safe and healthy’ part of my trip and let THEM worry about the ‘FUN’ part! This post does include a few affiliate links.

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London Travel Planning for a safe and healthy trip abroad

London Travel Planning:  Staying Healthy

If you are traveling to London from the United States, there is no way to get around the fact that you need to get on an airplane. And, unfortunately, airplanes are giant tubes of other people’s germs.

One sick person on a trans-Atlantic flight may very well be your downfall! Here are a few ways I am trying (and praying!) to stay healthy over the coming weeks:

Pack hand sanitizer:

I purchased Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer for my daughter and I. It comes in a 1-ounce spray container so it will be allowed on the airplane according to the Transportation Security Administration liquids rule of fewer than 3 ounces.

Bring herbal teas and vitamins:

If you want to stay healthy during international travel, you need to support your immune system and that means vitamins and supplements are key. Buy the smallest containers you can find and leave all pills in their original bottles or you risk having them confiscated as ‘suspicious’.

Pack a reusable water bottle:

I have heard that jet lag symptoms are made worse by dehydration. Since you can’t bring water through the security checkpoint, pack an empty reusable water bottle and fill it from the water fountain when you get to the other side of security. Drink plenty of water while you travel to stay hydrated.

Pack exercise clothes:  

I am hoping to find space in my luggage to pack at least one outfit to work out in. The hotel has a fitness center and exercise is a great way to stay healthy while you travel.

Try to prevent jetlag:  

My husband travels overseas fairly often and preventing jetlag isn’t easy. I found a natural jet lag remedy and will be trying it out on our trip to London. Fingers crossed that it helps!

London Travel Planning for a safe and healthy trip abroad

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London Travel Planning: Staying Safe

My London travel planning has gone rather smoothly so far but I have a lot of safety concerns when it comes to international travel. With the state the world is in today, the threat of terrorism really terrifies me. I have probably gone a bit overboard on the travel safety precautions but here are a few things we have done so far to stay safe during our trip to London.

Make copies of all documents to leave at home:  

I have made several color copies of our passports as well as driver’s licenses, health insurance cards and anything else my husband may need in an overseas emergency.

Download apps that can help with safe travel:  

Safe travel overseas can be tricky. It’s not like you can bring your own car with you, right? I downloaded a few apps for safe London travel that I am hoping help keep us safer. I have London Tube apps and apps to request a taxi right to the door of the hotel.

Prepare for an emergency:  

While I am probably being paranoid, I have taken a few steps to help protect us in the event of a catastrophic emergency. (think terrorism, earthquake, kidnapping, nightclub fire, etc…all horrible but recent overseas events!) I registered with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so that they have a record of me actually being in the country.

I am also making sure that both my daughter and I have a Wearsafe tracker with us at all times. I reviewed this program on my other blog a few months ago and you should definitely go read my Wearsafe review to learn more. Basically, it is a GPS tracker that allows a brief audio recording/transmission as well as emergency information to be sent to your emergency contact when you push the button.

I call it a panic button, basically. My daughter is 15 and knows to only push it in a life-threatening situation. Hopefully, we won’t ever need it but the peace of mind it offers is worth the small $5 per month charge!

My London travel planning has taken center stage in the last week or so as I try to get us through this trip with as few setbacks as possible. If you don’t see me online much in the coming week or so it’s because I am busy exploring London with my daughter and hopefully making memories that will last us both a lifetime! Have any international travel tips to share?


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