Make your own modeling clay for electricity free entertainment! #scjgreenerchoices

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Keeping kids entertained when the weather is cold and dreary can be a challenge but it CAN be done! Instead of plugging them into video games and television why not put together a quick and easy batch of homemade modeling clay for them to play with? Come check out my post on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog for the simple recipe and let your kid’s imagination take flight!
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4 thoughts on “Make your own modeling clay for electricity free entertainment! #scjgreenerchoices”

  1. i agree- i hate how dependent on technology some parents can get, including my husband. that is not our only option and should not be the GO TO thing every time

  2. My daughter would really love to do this and this will keep all children away from watching too much TV or being occupied with ipad, iphone or any other gadget. Thanks for sharing.


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