Mighty Fine coming May 25th to a theater near you!

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Last week I got a unique opportunity to watch the premier of Mighty Fine on my computer using a great service called Constellation. This online movie theater experience allows audiences to watch films and special events at specific showtimes with interactive elements like actor interviews.

Mighty Fine follows a family in the 1970’s as they move from their home in Brooklyn to New Orleans. The father, Joe, played by Chazz Palminteri, is moving his garment industry down south to be closer to the factory that produces his company’s clothing line. His wife Stella (Andie MacDowell) and teenage daughter Natalie (Jodelle Ferland) are excited about the move but his older daughter Maddie (Rainey Qualley) is a  high-school senior and has NO desire to make such a huge life change during her last year of school.

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Right off the bat I suspected that something was off financially seeing as Joe set up his family in a huge mansion and was throwing money around left and right. Viewers are given a glimpse into his business problems but Joe just keeps on spending. Financial trouble causes Joe to act out and the anger and emotional abuse escalate as money gets tighter and tighter. He swings from buying people extravagant gifts to screaming and throwing tantrums. His oldest daughter is the rebel of the family and really seems to suffer the worst of his emotional fits. The youngest just seems to bury her head in her schoolwork and try to hide. I got frustrated with how Stella just let him walk all over them but tried to remember that her own personal history and the year the movie is set in really require her character act submissively.

After the movie, we got the chance to ‘talk’ with the actors in a question and answer session which was an experience I have never had before. This is a great way to get an inside look at how the actors actually get into the mindset of a character they are portraying.


I could really relate to this movie…I remember quite a bit of yelling in my house growing up. Nowhere near as extreme as in this movie but it still left quite an impression on me. I still hate conflict and tend to be the peacemaker whenever an argument pops up!

Mighty Fine is a moving portrayal of what unresolved anger management issues can do to a family. This is a serious topic and I think that the ‘R’ rating is definitely appropriate. Due to the serious nature of the storyline and some harsh language I would recommend only seeing this with older teens or adults.


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  1. I honestly think my adoptive father had/has some issues. He was an alcoholic, but I think there was something deeper than that. Thanks for the links to see if the movie plays near me!


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