My mission to keep kids safe

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this blog post telling you about a great program that is being sponsored by Energizer to help keep kids safe during an emergency. As part of Collective Bias (a social shoppers insight study group), I was asked to research the dangers to children in my area and put together an emergency care kit that would be helpful in case of a disaster of some sort.

When I stop to think about the dangers to children in my community, it ranges from natural disasters like ice storms to victims having to flee a domestic violence situation. I decided to head to my local Walmart and put together a kit that would be helpful no matter what the situation!


In my house, we have a flashlight in just about every room in case of an emergency. My kids have headlamps in their doorknobs so if we lose power in the middle of the night they can find them easily. I really like this energizer flashlight. It has an emergency checklist right on it so you can be prepared. It also runs on multiple-size batteries which is very helpful!


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The next stop is the battery isle! I try and stock up on them when there is a good sale but the prices at Walmart are pretty good, even without a sale. I grab a pack of batteries and then move on to the next items on my list.


I spend a fair amount of time picking out things I think will come in handy in an emergency. I grab health and beauty items like a first aid kit and sanitizing wipes, then head over and pick up snacks and water. You can see my whole shopping trip in my Google + story if you would like to see all the items I chose to put in my emergency care kit.


At home, I unpack and wonder how we are going to fit all of this stuff in the basket I got! My daughter is enlisted as my basket packer and we manage to get everything neatly tucked inside. Blankets, hats, mittens to stay warm, snacks and water, and a selection of other useful things.


The  Energizer Champions for Kids service project is almost done! My daughter makes a card for the outside and we head over to the church. We work with the Lawrenceville Co-op to provide an assortment of food, household goods, and financial donations to needy families in the area. I am hoping that the people there will know just the right way to put our care kit to good use.


I like involving the kids in projects to help the less fortunate in our community. We live in a rather large metropolitan area and disaster can strike at any time. Being prepared for an emergency is important.

This project has definitely inspired me to put together an emergency car kit for my own family! I would hate to have to evacuate for a tornado and not have emergency supplies on hand to throw in the car with us!



7 thoughts on “My mission to keep kids safe”

  1. What a great idea to have headlamps on the bedroom doors-we do not lose power often, but that would certainly give my son some piece of mind. I love the kit you put together!

  2. Living a a state that is constantly on alert for sever weather I know the importance of having supplies on stand by “just in case.” I also recognize that not everyone is privileged to this peace of mind….money is always a factor.

    Your gift is invaluable, I am inspired to make my own donation.

  3. This is great Diane! I love that you got the kids involved in your project and that Energizer and Champions for Kids have made this all so SIMPLE! I’m going to get one of those flashlights for sure!


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