Questions for Pharmacists for Better Health and Increased Savings

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For 15 years I worked in a retail pharmacy. I saw thousands of patients come and go during the time that I worked there. Some were sick, some were in a hurry, and many were dealing with cranky children. Many of them came through the drive-through and barely looked at me while I filled their prescriptions.

Far too many of them just accepted their medications without once talking to us about them. Sure, we counseled them on new medicines as required but rarely did they ask questions to discuss their doctor’s medication regimen or the cost they were paying for their prescription drugs.

I am here to tell you that there are a LOT of questions to ask your pharmacist that may help improve your health and reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses. Remember to ask these questions the next time you visit your local pharmacy and check out SearchRx to save yourself some money!

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SearchRx and Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist for Better Health and Increased Savings

Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist


Is there a generic version of the prescribed drug?

Most doctors are pretty good about prescribing a generic drug when possible. However, pharmacists are not able to change a doctor’s prescription without their express consent. So if the doctor prescribes you a name-brand drug, the pharmacist has to call for permission before switching to a generic.

Some automatically call for approval, but others don’t. Make sure to ask your pharmacists about generic options if you want to save money on prescription drugs!

Are there major side effects with this medication?

Everyone’s body reacts to prescription medications differently. Make sure you discuss any of the major side effects associated with the medication with your pharmacist. That way, if you start to feel unwell, you will know whether to contact your doctor regarding a change in prescription.

SearchRx and Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist for Better Health and Increased Savings

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Ask for a medication review.

If you only take one prescription medication, you don’t really need to worry about a medication review. However, if you take multiple prescription drugs, ask your pharmacists about their interactions. One of the most important questions to ask your pharmacists is whether any of your drugs interact with each other.

While the pharmacy computer will alert the pharmacists to potential interactions from your profile, if you visit multiple doctors and multiple pharmacies, there is no way to know for sure that all of your medications are being screened for negative interactions.

Additional precautions needed.

Sometimes, there are things that need to be avoided when taking the medication. Maybe you need to take the prescription on a full stomach. Or maybe you need to avoid taking it with grapefruit juice (very common!). If you take herbal supplements, you may want to bring a list of them to show to your pharmacist.

Don’t just grab your medication and run. Make a list of questions to ask your pharmacist the next time you go to the drug store and then take some time to talk to them.

How can I save money on prescriptions?

There are many ways to save money on prescriptions that customers aren’t aware of. If you take a brand-name drug, head over to their website and look for an online coupon. Ask your doctor and pharmacist for rebates and coupons that sales representatives may have given to them for additional savings. You can also use SearchRx to help you find the best prescription prices in your area.

Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist for Better Health and Increased Savings

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SearchRx and Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist for Better Health and Increased Savings

How does SearchRx Work?

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Make sure that you make up a list of questions to ask your pharmacist to ensure that you are getting the best price on your medications as well as ensuring that you are taking the medication properly.

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