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Organic food is not cheap. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged when they go to the grocery store and see the price tag on organic food and end  up buying something else. Gardening organically is an enjoyable way for me to provide my family with organic food without going broke. Is organic gardening easy? Nope, not in the least! I spend a lot of my summer sweaty, dirty, and picking bugs off of my plants by hand. I guess I must be slightly nuts but I really do find this enjoyable! If you are depressed over the prices of organic food but really want to reduce your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals, growing your own is a great idea. Keep reading for just a few of the reasons why you might want to start growing your own organic food.

Organic Food Gardening

organic food gardening

1. Get a boost in nutrition:  Many studies have shown that organic food is actually higher in nutrients than conventionally raised foods.

2. Save money:  Even after you buy the manure, plants, and garden soil you will still be saving money on organic food as compared to if you bought it at the grocery store.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint:  Every time you choose to use organic gardening methods you reduce your carbon footprint. Using cow manure and fish meal rather than chemical fertilizers and pesticides will help protect our planet for future generations.

4. Reduce your exposure to harmful pesticides:  Traditionally raised fruits and vegetables are sprayed with a wide array of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that may have questionable effects on our health. Choosing organic farming methods will reduce your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

5. Protect soil quality and biodiversity:  Soil that is treated with chemicals is nowhere near as healthy as soil that is treated only with organic material. Healthier soil is less likely to suffer from erosion and will provide more nutrients for your food.

6. Reduce your dinner’s food miles:  Eating food that is grown as close to home as possible is a great way to go green. You can’t get any closer than your own back yard!

7. Promote plant diversity:  One of the biggest problems with conventionally grown plants from large agribusinesses is that the same species of plants are used for almost all of that crop. Hundred of old time, heirloom species of plants are being lost because no one is growing them any more. Ever see purple carrots? Or orange tomatoes? Not if you are buying conventionally raised produce!

8. Get exercise in your own back yard!  Growing your own organic food is a great way to burn some calories! Build muscles lifting bags of manure and get a cardio workout pushing the wheelbarrow around your yard. Getting out in the yard and digging in the dirt can be fun but it is also good for our health!

9. Eat more fruits and veggies:  Your family is more likely to eat fruits and vegetables if they are growing in your own back yard. No need to go to the grocery store for blackberries to put on your cereal. That pile of peppers on your counter may inspire you to find a new recipe to serve your family for dinner.

10.  Stop worrying about food safety:  With the number of recalls every year on foods that have been contaminated with bacteria it is nice to know that the organic food from my own back yard is safe!


organic food growing

I was recently chosen as part of a Home Depot blogger campaign to help teach you how and why you need to grow your own organic food. I was excited to be chosen for this campaign because so many people seem to be intimidated by the idea of going green. I have always encouraged my readers to take one baby step at a time on the road to an eco friendly life and organic gardening is something the whole family can get involved in. Teaching our children to be good stewards of this planet is important for it’s long term health! And getting kids into the garden teaches them important lessons about how our food is grown. You may even notice that they are happy to eat more fruits and vegetables when they have helped grow them!

growing organic food in pots

I have been out in the yard quite a bit over the last few weeks getting my plants into the ground. I have a number of beds scattered throughout the yard instead of one large garden plot. I find that using many small raised beds allows me to fit my garden plants into the landscaping easier than if I had to find room for a 12 foot by 12 foot garden. I just don’t have that kind of space! I also scatter many plants of the same crop into many different locations. If a tomato hornworm caterpillar finds a bed of tomatoes, they can decimate the entire thing in one day. However, if I am sneaky and put some tomatoes in one bed, more in a pot on the patio and a few more in the front yard than they are less likely to eat ALL of my tomato plants! Many plants grow quite well in pots on the patio as long as you keep them well watered.

why you should grow your own organic food

Last week I realized that I did not have enough room for everything I wanted to plant. I have a tendency to buy WAY too many plants and every year I beg my husband to rip out a shrub or two so I can put in another raised bed! So, after lots of begging and wandering around the yard we decided to remove 2 shrubs and clear a spot for a new raised bed. After much sweating and swearing (from my very patient and sweet husband!) I now have a nice flat spot to put in some more plants. I am heading out to Home Depot this week for some supplies and a few more plants! Home Depot has a great selection of organic plants and I am looking forward to bringing a few more into my garden! If you want to learn more about how Home Depot can help you grow your own organic food, check out The Home Depot Garden Club website.

Go green this spring with the latest organic gardening tools, equipment and supplies. The Home Depot has a large selection of raised garden beds, composters and everything you need for your garden. Check out their expert tips for growing great vegetable and herbs in your raised garden bed.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Great tips! We grow all our produce organically!
  2. Home Depot has SO many awesome things! We just went in this weekend to pick up supplies for our project, and ended up coming out with supplies for 3 projects - and it wasn't even the 2 projects I wanted to do! Hah! Too many projects can really add up, let me tell you! But you can't put a price on your health and I'm a big supporter of growing your own food!
  3. Kasandria Reasoner says
    Love your tips! I need to do more. Kas
  4. amber whitehead says
    Thanks for the tips and reminders of why organic is good.
  5. I love all your tips! We need to get back to our old ways of gardening!
  6. Thanks for giving me even more reasons to love my garden. I am going to sign up with the garden club now thanks.
  7. I love this post! If you're going to put in all the work to grow your own food, it would be silly not to grow the best organic produce possible. I've added this page to my StumbleUpon. :)
    • Thanks so much! I know so many people that garden and then spray their plants with nasty pesticides. Don't know why they bother growing it at all!
  8. I've been thinking about trying to overcome my black thumb, and at least plant some tomatoes. I didn't know about the catepillar problem though. I've got a couple of big planters I'm going to have on my patio, so at least I can keep an eye on them. Thanks for the information!
    • Im glad it was helpful. I am a great planter...and a so-so gardener! Constant battle with bugs and critters!
  9. Great tips, I agree, the main reason why we should grow our own organic food is that we can eat a safe food, not only it would be safe and we can save money but gardening is also a good recreational activity. Somehow gardening is a stress reliever.

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