Setting Financial Goals to ensure Retirement Security #RetireHappyNow

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My husband and I have always been goal oriented people. Within a year of dating, we knew we wanted to get married and started planning the ‘where, when and how’ of making it happen. We both wanted to have our children while we were still young so we set a goal of 2 children before I turned 30. We bought our first house with the understanding that it was a 5 year ownership before we upsized to something in a better school district. And we have a very firm retirement security plan because our goal is to retire by the time my husband is 58 (in 15 more years). In order for us to ensure that we have enough money to retire at our target age, retirement security HAS to be a huge priority when setting our financial goals every year. I am a firm believer in having a plan for every stage of life…flying by the seat of my pants is just not in my nature. Without financial goals to help us ensure retirement security, we could be working until we are 70 and that is just not appealing to me in the least! If you would like to set a few financial goals so that YOU can retire with a little bit of a nest egg, here are a few simple tips:

Retirement security and financial goals

Setting Financial Goals to ensure Retirement Security

1. Think of your financial goals as a vacation destination.  In order to know how to GET to your vacation destination you first need to know WHERE that destination is. You wouldn’t decided to drive to Hawaii. Nor can you reach your financial goal without first defining that goal in detail.

2. You must prioritize your spending.  If retirement security is important to you then you need to make funding that retirement a priority. That means maybe you need to start eating out less, buying fewer shoes, or downgrading your cell phone plan. Fund your retirement account FIRST, then spend the leftover money in other areas.

3. Remember that this is a long term process!  Do not set your financial goals for retirement security only to forget about them next week. They must remain a high priority if you are going to retire with financial security.

4. Your goals will change:  While it is important to keep your goals in mind, remember that they may change based on your life situations. The arrival of an unexpected child or you deciding to go back to school will throw off your plan. Be flexible.

5. Educate yourself:  It is difficult to understand the ins and outs of financial planning. There are so many ways to save and so many funds to invest in that it can be overwhelming. Start educating yourself about financial planning and retirement security so that you make smart choices along the way.

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Most working Americans HAVE the time, financial resources and courage to retire happy. Don’t  Worry,  Retire  Happy! Seven  Steps  to  Retirement  can help you achieve your financial goals for retirement security. The Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™  program on public television is based on the book written by Tom Hegna. This program will help provide peace of mind about retirement rather than anxiety. It includes concepts like “Paychecks  and  Playchecks:  Retirement Solutions  for  Life”  and  “Retirement  Income  Masters:  Secrets  of  the  Pros.” It also takes into account that not all people looking for retirement security are middle aged married couples with 2.5 children. There are chapters in the book for single women,  late bloomers and non traditional families. It also includes information about social security and how to claim it.

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The key concept in this series is that retirees don’t live on assets…they live on INCOME. Assets can be stolen, lost, or spent. In order to retire successfully, you need to learn how to turn those assets into some form of income. The television show on public television along with the book and dvd will explain Tom Hegna’s simple steps to retirement security and give you peace of mind about how to achieve it in today’s very uncertain financial market.
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