5 iPhone Apps to Help You Live Green

With Christmas coming, many people will be getting new technology gifts for the new year. I must admit, I am pretty much permanently attached to my iPhone and use it for just about every aspect of my life. Have you ever considered that iPhone apps can be useful for more than just checking email and playing games? iPhone apps can actually help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve the health of our environment. Yes, now you can do more than just crush candy or take care of imaginary farm animals or whatever all you iPhone game lovers do with your phones! If you would like to start using your iPhone to help you live a greener life, here are a few iPhone apps you might want to consider downloading.

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5 iPhone Apps to Help You Live Green

iPhone Apps to Help You Live Green

1. Good Guide:  This app will help you find safe, healthy and sustainable products while you are shopping in the store. You just scan the barcode of the product and the app will immediately sidplay detailed ratings of it’s health, environmental and social characteristics. It includes categories like household chemicals, toys, personal care items, food and just about everything you would buy to lead a greener life. There are more than 65,000 product ratings so if you are looking for iPhone apps that will help you live green, this is a great choice.

5 iPhone Apps to Help You Live Green

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2. iRecycle:  If you have ever wondered if an item you were about to throw away can be recycled iRecycle can help! iRecycle will help you understand how to recycle more than 240 different materials in your city. Just enter in your zip code, address or city (or allow it to use your current locations) and iRecycle will tell you the closest location to recycle whatever you may have on hand.

3. EcoCharge:  How many of us have plugged our i Phone into the wall only to leave it there for the next 12 hours? I do it all the time and end up wasting an awful lot of energy charging a phone that is already fully charged! EcoCharge will notify you when your phone is charged to help you remember to unplug. It also provides you with some useful tips for green living as well!

5 iPhone Apps to Help You Live Green

4.JouleBug takes the serious topic of living green and turns it into a game. Players follow energy saving tips and earn achievements while they help the planet. You can track your progress and see how you compare to other players in your quest for green living. You can add photos of what you have been up to and even share your achievements on social media.

5. Hovee Commuting: Save yourself money and find someone to commute to work with! Just sign up using your work email and get access to a trusted network of read people with verified identities. Compare routes and schedules with people that you can message directly within the app.

Living green doesn’t have to mean a huge change in your daily life. Small changes that we make every day can seriously reduce our carbon footprint. These iPhone apps can help you on your journey to a more eco friendly life. 

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  1. Oh, I miss my iPhone. My husband switched us over to Galaxys a couple of years ago. I do love my phone< BUT I cannot get a number of great apps that are only iPhone compatible.

  2. I use limited things on my iphone and had no idea any of these existed. I think Joulebug would be a fun way to get into the spirit of being green and might even inspire my kids. Time to go check out some new apps!


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