My Holiday Wishes Just for You

December is a hectic time of year, whether you choose to celebrate Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanza, the Winter Solstice or whatever else your chosen holiday happens to be. There are gifts to buy, cookies to bake, parties to attend and obligations to deal with. More so than any other time of year, we get caught up in our never ending to do list. There are things we wish for during this time of year but never vocalize because there is too much else going on. But wishes will never come true unless we work hard to MAKE them happen. I don’t believe in miracles. Oh, sure…a baby being born and a flower blooming….those things I think are true miracles. But just wishing and hoping and daydreaming will never make a wish come true. So, this holiday season I wanted to share a few holiday wishes with you, with the understanding that unless we all work hard to achieve them, they will just remain wishes and never be fulfilled.

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My Holiday Wishes Just for You

I wish you good health in the new year.  With this one statement I am really wishing for you the STRENGTH to make good health happen. There is no magic pill to make you lose weight. There are no personal chefs coming to fix you a salad every night. There is no one standing in your bedroom with a cattle prod to get your ass out of bed in the morning for a jog. There is just YOU (and ME!)  I want to join you in this quest for good health and hope you continue to read my blog for ways to make your wish come true. I wish there WAS someone with a cattle prod in my bedroom because I really need to get more exercise and lack the motivation. A fruitless wish, I know.

I wish you would achieve true happiness.  If you figure out the key to making this wish happen, please share it with the rest of us. Happiness can’t come from a pill or a bottle. It can’t come from someone else. It has to come from inside…by somehow changing the way we look at the world. By looking at the mess in your kids playroom and not being upset at the chaos but filled with joy that you created such amazing creatures that are capable of playing with this wild abandon. I struggle with this. Happiness can be fleeting and many days seems just out of my grasp. Let’s work hard this year to find our own personal happy place!


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I wish for you to find love.  But remember, in order to find love you have to give love in return. Open up your hearts and love one another. As a Christian I firmly believe that above ALL else, God wants us to love one another. He doesn’t say ‘only love that guy because he goes to your church’. He doesn’t say ‘don’t love that guy because he is gay’. He says to LOVE one another…no matter the race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or color of their skin. And what you give to others will return to you 10 fold. Harm none, as the Wiccans say. Or Karma will come back to bite you in the butt. Love is universal, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are. Give love and your wish to be loved will be fulfilled.

I wish for your material needs to be met.  But I also wish for you to learn the value of the simple things in life. Be happy with the things you have and stop coveting the things you don’t. Make wise purchases and tread lightly on the beautiful planet that we have been given. We have one shot at having a home to live on….if we screw up our planet, we don’t have a backup plan. Ponder your purchases and ask yourself whether it is a true need or merely a want. Wants are perfectly fine to buy…until we keep wanting more and more.

I hope all your holiday wishes come true..even if it isn’t quite in the manner you thought they would. Wishes are tricky things and God (or the universe) has a quirky way of delivering some days. Remember….that which does not kill you makes you stronger. Take that strength and start making your own wishes come true!

Merry Christmas!

(or Happy Hanuka, Blessed Be, Peace Be With You, or whatever your chosen greeting. My reason for the season isn’t necessarily the same as yours!)

(I will not be posting very often over the next two weeks so that I can spend time with my family. I will see you back again after the first of the year with a renewed determination to go green and get healthy together!)

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