Green Toys for a Safer Play Time!

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Green Toys are rising in popularity over the last few years. With so many recalls every day regarding hazardous children’s toys, we really need to start demanding a higher quality product for our kids. We should not have to worry about lead, phthalates, or other cancer-causing agents being incorporated into their toys. Green Toys takes pride in their products and makes toys that are free of harmful chemicals and made from recycled plastics. 

Eco Friendly Toys help create safer play for small children


Why Choose Green Toys?

All the toys made by Green Toys contain no BPA, no phthalates, no PVC and meet FDA standards for food contact. They have a great line of children’s dishes and cookware.  Your children can put their snacks on and share with their playmates or an imaginary friend. No worries about what might be coming into contact with their snack from these plates! They also carry jump ropes, kid’s gardening tools, and a ton of other things as well.

These products are made from recycled milk jugs and are made right here in the USA. Every pound of recycled milk jugs used in making Green Toys products saves enough energy to power your laptop for an entire month!


Green toys

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Green Toys has a huge selection of eco friendly toys to choose from. For my review, I was sent the Green Toys recycling  truck.

Green toys recycling truck

My Green Toys Review:

This is the first time I have seen a recycle truck made for children. I see lots of dump trucks and cars but this was a first for me. It is a great way to teach our children the value of recycling in a way that they can understand. Very unique idea! This truck is sturdy…big tires and easy to grasp design will make it easy for little ones to push this all over the yard or house. The back tilts up and there is a door that opens so they can store and dump their treasures easily. And the best thing about this for the parents? No twisty ties holding it in place! Just a 100% recyclable cardboard package with no plastic ties to drive us nuts!

I highly recommend Green Toys. Make this a GREEN Holiday season with eco friendly toys for your children.

My thanks to Green Toys for allowing me to review their products.


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