Shaun White Skateboards make playing outside cool!

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You know what really drives me crazy? When I am standing in the kitchen on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and my children come to me and ask if they can play video games. Really? The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and you want me to plug you into the electronic babysitter?

Yeah…I don’t think so! My standard reply to such an absurd request? “No! Go outside and play.” To which they usually moan and groan like the world is ending. Hey, they are tweens, right? Everything gets that reaction! In order to keep outdoor play time slightly more enjoyable I make sure the garage is packed full of fun things to do.

Bikes, scooters, chalk, balls, rackets, and skateboards all take up so much garage space we can barely move in there! When I was recently selected to work on the #ShaunWhiteSupplyCo mission and show off the new Shaun White skateboards I figured this would be a great way to encourage the kids to do more skateboarding. My son’s biggest complaint about his current board is that the wheels don’t spin fast enough so he was eager to upgrade!

shaun white skateboards

So, my mission for this project was to head to Walmart and find the new Shaun White Supply Co. skateboards. These boards aren’t found at all Walmarts yet so definitely call ahead or check online if you are interested in finding one for your own kids.

There was supposed to be a big pallet available but they must have been in such high demand they disappeared quickly because they had already worked them back onto the normal shelf area. AND, there were only about 6 or 8 left! I guess I’m not the only mom who thinks our kids need to spend more time playing outside! They did have a nice selection of safety helmets to choose from so make sure you pick up the proper gear to go with your kid’s skateboards!


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The Shaun White skateboards came in a couple of different versions, each with some really cool graphics. The one above is the Shaun White Amp Series Skateboard in the Viking design which is the one I really wanted him to get! I mean come on? Green wheels? How cool is that? And I really like the graphics on the white background. But, of course, being the cool tween boy that he is he couldn’t listen to his mom and got this one:

shaun white supply co

Okay, I have to admit, that one is cool, too! It’s the Shaun White Amp Series Skateboard with the Moto Skull graphics. I think the flames and the bike really grabbed his eye! Once we got the new skateboard home, we gathered up all of the skateboard safety gear and headed out to the park. My daughter came too, armed with roller blades but was really hoping that big brother would let her try out the skateboard once we got to the park.

We have a couple of different options when it comes to skateboard parks. I know not everyone is that lucky but there is one that has a HUGE skating pit type thing for skateboards, bikes, etc. It is a little intimidating! There is another that has some small ramps that I thought we should go to but he was feeling brave.

I figured I had him covered in enough gear to keep him safe so why not, right? He felt very uncool but I told him that other guy in the pic without a helmet on was going to end up with his brains scattered all over the ground so I didn’t care HOW uncool he thought he looked!

skateboard safety

Shaun White Skateboards


So, what did my son like about his awesome new Shaun White skateboard? Honestly? Everything! The wheels were super fast, the graphics were really cool and the surface area for you feet was a comfortable size with awesome gripping power. I will say that the boy never once made it down that ramp!

He was happy to skateboard around the path at the top and agreed with my earlier suggestion that maybe we should have stuck to the other park with the little beginner ramp. Nobody ever listens to mom, right? Well, we will certainly be using this skateboard a lot now that the weather has cooled off a bit. Trips to the park on a nice fall day are a great way to spend time with your family!

shaun white supply co boards

I am actually very glad that my son chose the safer paths at the TOP of the skateboard pit! We had fun spending time outside and I managed to leave the park without any bleeding or crying children. That is always a huge plus for me!


Skateboards for kids can be a great afternoon of fun but only if you use the right safety helmets and other protective gear. So, the next time your kids are begging for their favorite electronic babysitter, consider heading out and getting a cool new Shaun White Supply Co. skateboard instead. Make sure you start out with the TINY ramps! Those huge ramps are all well and good until you are standing at the top getting ready to launch!


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  1. I love your answer about wearing the gear and looking uncool. 🙂 These boards are awesome! I love the graphics ! You are right green wheels are super cool!


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