Start Planning your Spring Vacation to Sea World!

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I went to Florida in January with my family and when we were planning our trip I insisted that we could not go to Orlando without stopping at Sea World. I grew up in New England and would you believe I have never been to Sea World before? My kids are such huge animal lovers that I knew they would enjoy it as much as I would!

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We were lucky that it was relatively quiet on the day we chose to go…no lines to get in at all and a very light crowd inside. Of course, the first thing we saw when we walked in was the flamingos and we had to stop and admire them for a while. I had to promise my children that there were other great things to be seen throughout the park so we could speed them up a bit!
Now, my kids are not huge coaster fans but if yours are, you will certainly find some nice, exciting rides for them! We had our hearts set on the shows so we took a look at the program brochure and planned out exactly when we needed to be at each location to get good seats.
The first show we went to was Pets Ahoy. This show is designed to teach you what Sea World’s positive animal training techniques can accomplish. We sat in amazement as an incredible selection of animals performed all sorts of entertaining acts. Now, I have seen dogs and cats trained but a rat? And a skunk? The kids (and I!) had a blast!
I think my kid’s all time favorite show was Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island! This comedy is centered around lost treasure and misadventure with the human cast joined by  some very well trained sea lions! We were even entertained before the show by a pirate mime! It is so hard for kids to wait patiently for things to start but he kept them busy teasing all the other guests! 

Of course, we enjoyed ALL the shows we went to but the kids were awed to see the whales and dolphins in Blue Horizons and One Ocean . One Ocean tells the story of how our oceans are all interconnected and Blue Horizons includes not just the dolphins but also amazing acrobatics and costumes from the human performers as well.

I am amazed at how well these animals are trained. There were plenty of buckets full of fish dispensed throughout the show for a job well done! I admit, I took a TON of pictures trying to get shots of the dolphins in JUST the right spot in the air! I didn’t bring my video camera and really regret it now…do you know how hard it is to get a still shot of a dolphin in mid air? Sadly, I was not successful and all of my pictures are of dolphin tales splashing back into the water!

There is a ton of stuff to do at Sea World besides the shows. There is a small aquarium and numerous areas to interact with the animals where you can learn more about them and the ocean they live in. It is a great teaching moment for children! You can also ride the rides, play and climb on the nets and slides, grab a bite to eat, and any number of other activities that will keep you busy and your kids happy!

I am thrilled that I finally got to go to Sea World and that I got to share it with my kids. We all had so much fun and I think we all left slightly awed at what animals can be trained to do. I also think we gained a little bit more of an appreciation for the vastness of our oceans and the amazing creatures that live in it!

Disclaimer:  I was provided 2 complementary tickets to enjoy Sea World with my family. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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  1. We LOVE Sea World and are planning to go again in May (though we go to the one in San Diego, as it’s just a 6 hour drive away from us). We are SO looking forward to it! There’s always so much to do, and I feel it’s much more affordable than many “other” places we can go as a large family.


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