Sustainable Seafood Companies and the Importance of Sustainable Fishing

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Having grown up on the coast of New England, I know a thing or two about seafood. I know that lobster is ridiculously expensive but tastes divine. I know that absolutely nothing tastes better than a fresh clam roll with tartar sauce and lemon. And I know that no pantry should EVER be without a few cans of tuna. But, guess what I know that is even more important than any of those things. Can’t guess? Well, I also know that our oceans are in danger and when we support sustainable seafood companies, we are doing our part to protect the future of our fish supply. When I was asked to partner with Wild Selections tuna and spread the word about the importance of sustainable fishing, it was a cause near and dear to my heart.

Sustainable Seafood Companies

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Fishing has a huge impact on the environment of the ocean. Human demand for certain types of seafood means that over fishing is a real concern. Not only are some species numbers dwindling, but other types of fish often get caught up in nets during the process and needlessly killed. However, you don’t have to give up your beloved tuna salad to do your part to protect the oceans. Just choosing sustainable seafood companies during your grocery shopping trip will help ensure that our ocean’s seafood supply is protected. Wild Selections tuna is the perfect choice if you want to ensure the health of our oceans for many years to come.

How to Choose Sustainable Seafood Companies

Not only is Wild Selections tuna sustainably caught, but they give back to the oceans by donating 13 cents from every can sold—a total of $1 million by 2018—to World Wildlife Fund marine conservation and fishery improvement projects. It is actually the ONLY full line of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable seafood. The blue MSC eco-label tells you the fish in your can comes from well-managed fisheries and healthy fish stocks. All tuna is Non-GMO Project verified which is a huge plus for me.

The seafood in that can is even 100% traceable…you can visit to learn where the fish in your can was caught. Wild Selections tuna contains only simple, all natural ingredients and tastes delicious in your favorite recipe. You can visit their store locator to find a retailer near you that carries the product.

Sustainable Seafood Guide

Making sustainable seafood choices is vitally important for the long-term health of our oceans. I want my children and grandchildren to grow up as passionate about seafood as I am. In order to make that happen, we need to support sustainable seafood companies by voting with our dollars. The impact that fishing has on the ocean is complex. Feeding today’s population while conserving our ocean’s wildlife for tomorrow is a real challenge. But, simple choices at the grocery store can make a huge difference.

Sustainable Seafood Companies Make a Difference!

Making Sustainable Seafood Choices with Wild Selections Tuna and Sustainable Seafood Companies

Visit the Wild Selections You Tube channel for videos to learn more about the Wild Selections difference and their partnership with World Wildlife Fund and Marine Stewardship Council certification

Check out the Wild Selections Infographic below for more information on choosing sustainable seafood.

Sustainable Seafood Companies and Wild Selections Tuna

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  1. I did the store locator and it found a store in my town that sells Wild Selections Solid White Albacore. I can’t wait to pick up some cans and find out where the fish in my cans were caught.

  2. I was super excited about this but no stores in my area,{ MN} darn it. Looks like I need to ask my grocery store to see about ordering it for their shelves!


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