How to Give Thoughtful Gifts for Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means people struggling with Valentines Day gift ideas. I see tons of adds for expensive diamond rings or huge bouquets of flowers. Where are the ads for the thoughtful gifts for Valentines Day? The romantic little gifts that have special meaning for only you and your partner? I love to get thoughtful gifts that remind me of a special time in my husband and I’s life together. As the years go by, things get more and more hectic in our lives and every once in a while I want to be reminded of why we fell in love in the first place. No car or fancy piece of jewelry will do that for me. And Valentines Day flowers aren’t really my thing!

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How to Give Thoughtful Gifts for Valentines Day!

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Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for thoughtful gifts for Valentines Day,  here are a few suggestions. Remember, Valentines Day should be more about the romance than about the price tag!

Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine's Day

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Make it Memorable:

While we sometimes think that Valentines Day gifts need to be flashy, there are a lot of ideas that are simple to create that would make thoughtful gifts for your significant others. You could buy a pretty photo frame and put in the menu from your first restaurant date. Buy a digital photo frame and fill it with photos of your family together. Another thoughtful gift idea that I love is to make your own photo coasters.

Give Thoughtful Gifts This Valentine's Day

Make it Tasty:

My husband and I’s favorite way to celebrate Valentines Day is through food. Usually, this does NOT involve a fancy meal at an exotic restaurant that we have to wait 3 hours to get into. We either cook a meal together or sit down to enjoy a special treat together like homemade strawberry mousse . Other foodie ideas that make thoughtful gifts for Valentines Day are special homemade spice rubs for the grilling enthusiast or homemade candy for those with a serious sweet tooth. Put it into an upcycled jar with decorative jar lids. Bake some delicious cupcakes and wrap them in special cupcake sleeves. Cupcakes are all the rage nowadays and they can be quite a beautiful dessert after a homemade meal.

Give Thoughtful Gifts This Valentine's Day

Make it Functional:

While romance is nice on Valentine’s Day, I prefer gifts that will get used every day of the year. While a sexy red scrap of lace might be pretty, how much use is it really going to get? Okay, maybe I don’t really want to know that but there are gifts that can be romantic AND get used every single day! A coffee mug, for example, is a nice thoughtful gift if you put your own unique spin on it. Get a mug that is painted with your names and fill it with your significant other’s favorite treat. My husband LOVES chocolate covered coffee beans, which would be a delicious treat to fill a mug up with. Make your husband homemade lotion bars in a heart shape if he has dry hands or just get him a new tool set that he may be wanting!

Remember, when you give thoughtful gifts for Valentines Day, you save money and reduce clutter. Both are high on my list of things to do this month! The purpose of Valentines Day is to remember to person you love and show them that you care. Thoughtful gifts do that much better than a new diamond necklace!

What thoughtful gifts for Valentines Day are YOU giving this year?


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  1. These are great tips, I need to have my husband give them a read as well. I always prefer thoughtful and memorable gifts or even a useful and function gift as opposed to something link roses or a gift card!


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