Tips to Keep Spirits Bright During the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and with them comes the hustle and bustle of shopping, baking, family time…more family time…sometimes throw in a little bit of the flu and your holidays have gone from cheerful to humbug in just a few days! In my house, it takes a lot of planning and organization to pull off a happy holiday season! I thought I would share a few tips and tricks to help ensure your spirit keeps shining brightly all the way into the new year!

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Stay Relaxed and In The Moment!

How do you keep your spirits bright this holiday season?  By remembering that you are only human and that life is short.  

1. You are not perfect

Please remember that while Martha Stewart may be one awesome decorator, you do NOT have to live up to her standards…or your mother’s, mother in law’s, or neighbors! You do not have to carve ice sculptures in the shape of angels or grow your own potatoes to enjoy the holiday with your family!

2. Decide where your passions lie.

Are you into the food? The decorating? Organizing the office Christmas party? Since you really CAN’T do it all, prioritize and decide what is right for your family.

3. Get the kids involved.

The holidays are all about making memories and if you want your kids to remember these years, get them involved in baking and decorating. I like to open up my giant plastic tub of decorations and put it on the floor for them to pick through.

They get to decide where the stuffed Santa gets to sit and which door knocker goes  on their own bedroom door. Sure, your cookies might look a little lopsided and you may not have perfectly matching candles on your dining room table but it gives them a great sense of accomplishment to know they helped!

4. Take time to spread the cheer.

Whether you are going to go caroling with your church’s youth group, bake cookies for the old folks’ home, volunteer at a food pantry, or buy a gift for the giving tree at your child’s school, take time to remember those who are less fortunate this season. And this is something that children absolutely should help you do! Lead by example…to teach them to care for others, they should see their parents caring for others as well!

5. Keep the ‘I want’s’ down to a minimum. 

My children have a tendency to open up the big holiday toy catalog and go hog wild with requests but I tell them to narrow it down to the things they REALLY want. If they expect you to hunt down 25 gifts, that puts a lot of pressure on YOU and your wallet! Find toys that will keep them engaged and busy on Christmas day so that maybe you will have time for a nap!

No matter how you plan on spreading holiday cheer this season, remember that this time of year is special. It is a special time to make memories with your family, to help the less fortunate, to bake treats you would normally cross off your menu because they are too decadent. I

indulge in a  little bit of memory-making with your kids and take time to play with them…you may find that you have just as much fun with their toys on Christmas morning as they do!


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  1. “You do not have to carve ice sculptures in the shape of angels or grow your own potatoes to enjoy the holiday with your family!” – this made me laugh! Thanks for the reminder to chill out! 🙂


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