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Imagine this….you are wandering around the store and come across a great organic and natural product that you would love to try. But, egads! The price is a little high for something you aren’t sure you will like or not! You might not mind spending a little extra on an item if you knew it was worth the price but a full sized container is all you see on the shelf. Well, Conscious Box has a solution you may want to check out! If you are not familiar with Conscious Box, here is some information about them on their website:

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Conscious Box is dedicated to introducing you to the most ethical, sustainable, and honest businesses that create the purest products available. We scour the marketplace to find those that stand above the rest. Discovery defines the Conscious Box experience.
This company not only researches the products they include in their shipments to help overcome the problem of greenwashing but they really strive to follow green business practices, too. They use 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard, recycled tissue paper, and vegetable-based inks for printing. They also encourage subscribers to upcycle their boxes and share their ideas on their Facebook page.
I received the February Conscious Box shipment to try out. It seems to have a combination winter and romance theme to it. So, what sort of goodies did I get to try out this month?
So, there are a TON of different things in this box for me to try out! While I can’t list all of them and describe each and every one, I will say that of all the things I tried, I was very happy with all of them! Here are a few of my all time favorites from this month’s Conscious Box!
Dr. Cleangreen’s Instant Hand Sanitizer:  This stuff is absolutely awesome! It is a small spritzer bottle of hand sanitizer that smells like cloves. Honestly, it makes me hungry just smelling it! It is a very light lotion that absorbs almost instantly and leaves your hands very smooth feeling. It contains aloe leaf juice, essential oils, and other natural ingredients to kill 99% of germs on contact. Even if I don’t NEED to sanitize my hands I will use this stuff just because it smells so good!
HimalaSalt Himalayan Pink Salt:  This came in a nice little travel sized container that will be perfect to take camping with us. I love adding salt to my cooking (I know, bad habit…maybe?) but prefer salt that is sourced from natural environments. It specifically says on the container that it is ethically sourced and has no additives.
Nutcase Crunch:  A yummy and very tasty blend of nuts and coconut that you can sprinkle in oatmeal or use in the breading of your next fried chicken or fish. This is ground fairly fine so you will not have large chunks of things…just a nice nutty taste.
Overall, this was a nice selection of natural products. There are foods like granola, supplements, soap, and many other products that I have never seen before. There were even a couple of ‘adult’ oriented products in honor of Valentine’s Day.
If you would like to learn more about Conscious Box, you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter!
My thanks to the sponsor for allowing me to review their products.

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