Upcycled T shirt Blanket for the Music Lover in Your Life

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My husband has always been a music lover. As a teen, he went to an incredible number of rock concerts and at each one invested in a concert t shirt. After years of attending rock concerts, he literally had a suitcase FULL of concert t shirts. Being the music lover that he is, of course, meant there was no way he was ever getting rid of them. For years, those concert t shirts moved from one home to another and lately, he has really wanted to do something creative with them. He asked me if I could make them into a t shirt blanket for him and I quickly reminded him of my intense dislike of sewing needles. Martha Stewart, I am not! So, when The Motherhood approached me about using Project Repat to turn some t shirts into an upcycled t shirt blanket I was thrilled!

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Upcycled T shirt Blanket for Fathers Day

Upcycled T shirt Blanket From Project Repat

According to Project Repat, 5% of trash on Earth is used textiles. The average American trashes 65 pounds of clothing per year! That is crazy! I know that my family has a ton of old t shirts that have sentimental value hidden in our closets. In addition to my husband’s concert t shirts, we have the kids scout, swim team and camp t shirts as well! I can’t imagine the number of t shirts sitting around homes throughout the country! Why not take those old t shirts and make an upcycled t shirt blanket? You can preserve the memories but turn those useless old shirts into something that can actually be used and enjoyed!

Upcylced Tshirt Blanket_edited-1

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Project Repat blankets are created by designers, cutters, and sewers earning a fair and living wage in the United States. The t shirt blanket is backed with PolarTec fleece which is made out of recycled plastic bottles. Each yard recycles 23 plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills! It is incredibly soft and fluffy to the touch…you would honestly never guess that the fleece is made of recycled water bottles! Depending on the number of t shirts you have, you can choose a small lap blanket or twin, full, queen or king sized blankets. You can use just the front of the t shirt or both front and back, depending on your own preferences. Here is a quick look at how you go about turning your favorite t shirt into an upcycled t shirt blanket:

So, how did Project Repat get it’s name? Did you know that in 1980 almost all of our t-shirts were made in the United States? To repatriate means to return to the country of origin. Thousands of textile jobs have gone overseas and Project Repat is helping to bring them back to the United States. This is a wonderful mission that keeps t shirts out of landfills AND brings a few jobs to US workers!

Upcycled Tshirt Blanket for Music Lovers 2

I can honestly say the my husband was THRILLED with his upcycled t shirt blanket. And the best thing about this upcycled t shirt blanket? I didn’t have to do anything but mail the t shirts to Project Repat! I placed my order online for the size and color blanket my husband wanted and mailed them the shirts. Now, my husband has a wonderful upcycled t shirt blanket to curl up under for his Saturday afternoon naps!

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4 thoughts on “Upcycled T shirt Blanket for the Music Lover in Your Life”

  1. I love this idea! My husband has a nice collection of shirts he loves but never gets to wear anymore. It would be brilliant to turn them into a blanket!

  2. That is awesome! My daughter is in a track club and has quite a few shirts from the 5ks that she’s run. She doesn’t have quite enough shirts yet for a blanket, but once she does I’ll have to get this done for her!


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