What happens in the bathroom doesn’t STAY in the bathroom…

Okay, let’s face it…everyone has certain bodily needs that must be met. We are all human. We all put our pants on one leg at a time and when ya gotta GO you just have to GO. As a mother of 2 children and a preschool teacher of 2 year olds for 4 years I have dealt with a lot of excrement in my life. 2 year olds don’t give you a lot of warning either.

“Uh, mom, in about 2 minutes I am going to have to pee really bad!” is not something you will hear from your child. It is going to be more like “MOM! I am peeing myself RIGHT NOW!” You just better hope you have a spare set of pants in the diaper bag.

2 year olds aren’t the only ones that find themselves in need of a potty break at odd times. Like in the middle of a marathon with 16,000 other people racing by you! My husband was in this situation during his marathon this weekend…hey, 4 hours is a long time to run without taking a pee break!

Thankfully, the marathon course was lined with a collection of the lovely blue boxes we all fondly call ‘porta potties’. There were a lot of other runners in the same situation so thank heavens there were something like 50 potties all lined up side by side!

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The portable potty system was developed in the 1960s and has been strategically placed at carnivals, construction sites, campgrounds and parades. Now, environmentalists are pushing for porta potties on Mount Everest! Apparently there is a poop buildup on top of the mountain!

Not to mention the trash and even dead bodies! Experienced climbers will often bring their own portable waste carrying equipment but many people just find a spot in the snow and squat! And, since it is about a billion degrees below freezing up there it doesn’t exactly decompose!

Eco Everest Expedition (a coalition of environmentalists) has collected more than 13 tons of garbage,  880 pounds of human waste and four bodies since 2008. They estimate that there is still over 10 tons of garbage still up on the mountain.

Think about This:  The human body excretes approximately 70%  of what it takes in. Picture 16,000 runners, millions of concert goers, or a month’s worth of carnival attendees. We create a lot of waste! Instead of treating it and dumping it, a number of environmentalists would like to use human waste as fuel!

We might as well, it’s not like we need it for anything else, right? Oh, wait…some crazy scientists in Asia are studying ways to turn human poop into MEAT. Yeah…that is the same gagging sound I made when I read the article!

Have you ever considered a composting toilet? Better than poop meat I would think!

8 thoughts on “What happens in the bathroom doesn’t STAY in the bathroom…”

  1. ewww…but interesting…lol I had no idea about Mt Everest..That is so really interesting..and no..I would not want the new kind of “meat” they want to make! Yes! Find a way to turn it into fuel!

  2. You know that’s never something I thought of before. I think they should put one up there. As ugly as it may be it will help with keeping it clean for years to come.

  3. that is mad gross- but definitely worth thinking about, and nothing i have ever given any thought to. so- thanks for grossing me out- lol- and making me think! 😛

  4. BODIES?! Wait, so a cleanup group are the ones finding bodies and not a search party or the police? That blows my mind.

    As for turning fecal matter into meat, there is no comment I could possibly make about that without making a terrible pun, so I’m just going to end my comment here and spare you!

  5. The meat part is not too far fetched. I remember reading, back in the 1980’s British scientists developed “tea biscuits” from human waste. Apparently, human feces contain a very high percentage of protein the body can use. I also remember checking tea biscuit packaging to ensure it was not made in Britain.


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