What is the True Meaning of Friendship?

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When we are young, it’s easy to make friends. You spend hours hanging out with them at school, go to their birthday parties, and ride your bike aimlessly through the neighborhood with them.

As you get older, there are sleepovers, long phone conversations and extracurricular activities that you both enjoy together.

Friendships are easier to make because as a child you have the free time to devote to them. But what is the true meaning of friendship as you become an adult? In a world that seems to be cluttered with chaos, friendship is often hard to find and difficult to nurture.

With International Friendship Day approaching on July 30th, Ricola herb drops wants you to take a moment to appreciate a true friend in your life.

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What is the True Meaning of Friendship in a World that Moves Too Fast?

What is the True Meaning of Friendship?

When my kids were young, my friends were those women whose children played with mine on a regular basis. I had no free time to seek out friends through hobbies or personal interests. My kids were my hobby!

As the kids have gotten older, some of these friendships have withered away but others have strengthened to become solid relationships outside of our children. What is the true meaning of friendship in our busy lives? True friends are the ones you CHOOSE to be with, even if you don’t have to be!

From neighborhood walks to weekday lunches and girls’ nights out, true friends are the ones you turn to when you find a free hour in your day. Even if those free hours don’t happen very often.

International Friendship Day and Ricola Throat Drops

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There is a feeling I get when I hang out with most people. I am not particularly social by nature and find that I am always ‘ON’ in social situations. There is a certain amount of worrying about what people think of me. I stress out about the things I say, how I look and if I am wearing the right clothes.

When I invite people over, the house must be clean and heaven forbid you can smell the dog! What is the true meaning of friendship? Real friends are the ones you DON’T clean for.

The ones who still call you friend even when you show up in yoga pants with your hair in a bun. The ones who don’t care if you have on makeup and will listen to you complain about your boss for an hour. True friendships have no filters and they are amazingly satisfying!

Friends are also very important in staying mentally fit.  They are vital for good mental health!

True Friendship and What is the True Meaning of Friendship in a World that Moves Too Fast

International Friendship Day

Do you have a true friend in your life? Someone who has seen you cry and you totally don’t care? A person who calls you up even when they don’t need something from you?

How about you take a few minutes on International Friendship Day to thank them for their friendship? Show your friends how much you care about them not just because it is a holiday or their birthday.

Give them a card, make them some cookies, or put together a small gift basket of their favorite items. Nurture that friendship because true friends are hard to come by.

Ricola herb drops and What is the True Meaning of Friendship in a World that Moves Too Fast

Chrüterchraft Meaning

Toss a bag of Ricola throat drops into your gift basket. Ricola drops to capture the goodness of nature, the power of Chrüterchraft (their secret blend of 10 Swiss herbs), and a perfect balance of great taste and natural efficacy.

They work with over 100 self-managed farms throughout Switzerland to source traditionally cultivated herbs, free of pesticides and herbicides. Ricola wants you to nurture your friendships and spread kindness this month as you celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30th.

Thank a friend who drove your kid to school when you had the flu. The one whose shoulder you cried on when those menopausal emotions kicked in. A friend who you CHOOSE to be with during those precious free moments of your day. How will YOU celebrate true friendship on International Friendship Day?









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  1. Ricola is our go-to for cough drops. True friends are so hard to come by. They are few, at least for me. My friend and I can get so busy with our lives, but we do schedule some girl time together. Those are the best times.


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