Wireless home security for peace of mind every day!


When I was a kid, I remember leaving the house to play in the morning and not coming back until I was hungry. We didn’t worry about locking doors or installing security lights because we felt secure in our neighborhood and our home. Nowadays, even though I live in a good neighborhood with a regular police patrol, crime happens at a disturbing rate! It seems like every month there is an announcement about someone’s car or house getting broken into. Maybe it’s because I live near a big city or maybe times are just different nowadays, but home security is becoming more and more important to protect our families and our possessions. While I love my dog, she isn’t going to call the police if anyone breaks into my home!

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LifeShield Security is one of the first wireless security systems on the market and uses a broadband Internet connection or cellular technology to transmit the signal to the monitoring center. Installing LifeShield will take you no more than an hour, and no tools are required! HOW? They send you a security kit that comes with an Easy Setup DVD and Quick Setup Guide to make the process easier. If you prefer, you can have someone set it up for you but 95% of people do it themselves with no problem!

Because this is a wireless system, there are no holes to drill and YOU decide where to place the security sensors and other security components. Your setup will be totally unique and nobody outside of your home will know your system configuration. You will get yard signs and window decals to let everyone know that your house is protected!

It is easy to get started with LifeShield Security because you can buy online at your own convenience. They have a great FAQ to answer many of your questions and if you have questions you can call their customer service line for assistance.

Times have changed since we were kids and leaving your house unsecured while you are away isn’t a smart choice!

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5 thoughts on “Wireless home security for peace of mind every day!”

  1. I am going to look into this. My husband always says we have four dogs who needs security, but I feel more like you do.

  2. I love the idea of this! My husband made his own security system with cameras but it is not completely wireless because the cameras need power from an outlet.

  3. I like the idea of no holes or drills, not to mention the added safety. I’ll have to head over for a look-see. Thanks for the share

  4. Your dog looks like a sweetie. The wireless security system is a good idea. I doubt the burglars would be afraid of our attack cat. 🙂


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