Zeis provides educational tools to help you understand your vision

I have always been lucky and had fairly good vision. Not sure how that happened since everyone else in my immediate family has worn glasses since they were very young but I am thankful! Over the last 2 years, however, things have been getting a bit more…fuzzy. (Hmmmm, blogging for 2 years, fuzzy vision for 2 years…coincidence?)I made an appointment to get my eyes examined a few months back and while the doctor was very nice and answered my questions, I still felt a little bit lost. I didn’t fully understand some of the things she told me and wanted to do further research on my own before filling the prescription for glasses that she gave me. However, where online do you find educational information about vision, eye exams, and general eye health? Well, the Zeis educational tools are very informative. These tools were created to enable eyeglass wearers to better understand their vision correction needs, ensure they get the most out of their next eye exam, and receive the best lenses to regain sharp vision.

So, what types of tools are available? The topics of discussion that you can choose from include:

1. Facts to know about vision and lenses
2. Tips for selecting an eye doctor
3. Questions to ask at your next eye appointment
4. Facts to know about age-related vision changes

There was a lot of helpful information regarding the types of eye doctors to choose from and how often you should get your eyes checked. I am about to hit that magical age of 40 where they recommend yearly eye exams. Yep, I am getting old…even my eyes are going!
I also found the section on types of eyeglass lenses very informative. I really did not realize that there were so many options when choosing a pair of glasses! Zeis lenses come in a variety of styles whether you are looking for reading glasses, sunglasses, or something your child can wear on the soccer field.
If you are having trouble with your vision, consider visiting the Zeis website and taking advantage of all the educational tools that they provide. You can use their practitioner locator to find the right type of doctor in your area to provide an eye exam. Then, take some time to research the type of eyeglasses that will suit you best. It is an important investment and you want to be happy with your purchase.


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