7 Reasons to Start Running to Lose Weight

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Yesterday I went for a run. While it is definitely not a daily occurrence, I try and go out running periodically to change up my exercise routine. Running to lose weight can be a great addition to your workout regimen. The struggle to lose weight isn’t always an easy battle. Counting calories, making time for exercise, and that frustrating morning weigh in can eventually have people throwing in the towel and reaching for the potato chips. Struggling on your weight loss journey? Maybe you should start running to lose weight!

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Dropping those extra pounds is a numbers game. Burn more calories than you consume and pounds will disappear. How do you kick start your metabolism and start shedding unwanted pounds? Running for weight loss should definitely be part of your fitness routine!

7 Reasons to Start Running for Weight Loss

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7 Reasons to Start Running to Lose Weight

Need running motivation? Here are some reasons why you should tie on sneakers and go running!

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Improved mood:

If you have just started running for weight loss, you may wonder why people talk about a ‘runner’s high’. Those early days in your running routine may be a struggle. According to Harvard Medical School, however, people who run regularly feel better emotionally as well as physically. Start a running journal and keep track of your hard work and track your progress. It is very rewarding to see your efforts pay off over time!

Stop Calorie Counting:

Without stepping up your fitness routine, you need to cut calories to lose weight. Cutting calories means eating less, which leads to hunger and a negative outlook on your weight loss journey. Sitting on the couch doesn’t burn many calories and the first step to losing weight is to start moving. According to Livestrong.com, running is one of the most effective exercises to incorporate into your workout routine to help burn calories.

7 Reasons to Start Running to Lose Weight

Boosts resting metabolism:

Since losing weight is a numbers game, burning more calories means losing more weight. According to Paul Williams at the Berkeley National Lab, running for weight loss is more efficient than walking to achieve your goal weight. A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that running leads to greater weight loss than walking. Most likely because running boosts resting metabolism so you burn more calories even after your run is over.

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Save Time:

People are busy and finding time to exercise isn’t easy. Running is one of the most time efficient ways to lose weight. If you are wondering how to start losing weight when you have so little free time, try to fit a short run into your daily routine. Most people can run farther than they can walk in a given amount of time, thus leading to increased caloric output. Track your run with a GPS watch for running. It will help you keep track of mileage, time, calories and heart rate.


Running is an incredibly convenient workout. You can take it with you when you travel, unlike your weight machine or gym membership. You don’t have to worry about driving to the gym, which in itself is rather time consuming. Running is my workout of choice when I am short on time but want a hard workout.

7 Reasons to Start Running to Lose Weight

Works multiple muscle groups:

Instead of going to the gym for leg day and doing sit ups on a different day, target multiple muscle groups just by going out for a run. Want to burn fat? Running for fat loss helps slim thighs and take inches off your waistline by working legs and core muscles at the same time. You can step up your running routine by strapping on a set of adjustable ankle weights to increase your muscle workout.

Long term fitness:

Unlike team sports, running is an exercise that you can participate in even as you get older. According to Medical News Today, running slows down the aging process, allowing older people to move more easily and improving their quality of life.

If you are struggling on your weight loss journey, maybe you should start running to lose weight! It is a fun and efficient way to get in shape. Consider hiring a weight loss coach to help you develop an initial workout plan and consult your physician before starting a new exercise routine. Make sure to set realistic health goals. Once you get started running, however, you are well on your way to a new and improved YOU!

Are you going to start running to lose weight?

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