Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Long Term Success

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It seems like everyone you talk to lately wants to lose weight. There are high school reunions to impress people at, pretty party dresses to fit into, and scales that insist on lying to us about how much we actually weigh. No matter what the reason, everyone seems to be looking for diet tips to help them shed a few pounds. I see friends talking about cabbage soup diets, juice cleanses and ‘magic pills’ that will help you lose weight and still eat brownies all day. Let me just tell you right now, there is no ‘magic pill’ or ‘fad diet’ that is going to help you not only LOSE weight but keep that weight off for good. If you want to shed a few pounds and actually keep them off forever, here are a few healthy weight loss tips and an inside look at the Kiqplan Slim and Trim app. This useful weight loss app will be a huge help in your journey to a thinner you. So, whip up a homemade energy bar recipe and hit the gym this week!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Long Term Success

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Long Term Success

Stop thinking that you are going on a ‘diet’:  You really need to wrap your head around the idea that you are not ‘dieting’. You are creating an entirely new lifestyle, not dieting. That new lifestyle will include eating healthy and exercising which will then eventually result in weight loss. Nothing is totally ‘forbidden’ in your new lifestyle unless you have a true medically diagnosed allergy. Telling yourself you can never again have a bowl of ice cream because it is ‘bad for you’ is a sure way to fail at your new healthy lifestyle.

Healthy foods to eat on a diet

Keep a food diary: Yes, you need to watch your caloric intake while you are actually trying to lose weight. The Kiqplan Slim and Trim app allows you to keep track of all your calories throughout the day very easily. Just choose the food you are eating and add it to your daily food diary. The app will do the rest and give you a total as you go along. It will also tell you how many calories you personally need to lose weight. A food diary will hold you accountable for every bite you eat. It’s easy to forget those bites you ate off your spouse’s plate or those 15 Goldfish crackers you ate because your child didn’t want them. Keep track of every bite!

Make a Weight Loss Motivation Board:  Using your refrigerator, an old cookie sheet or something similar, make a weight loss motivation board. Decorate it and use magnets to signify your ‘pounds to lose’ and ‘pounds lost’  numbers. Hang it where you will see it every day!


Healthy Weight Loss Tips and the Kiqplan Slim and Trim app

Avoid fake, prepackaged foods labeled ‘light’ and ‘low fat’:  If you are looking for long term weight loss solutions, prepackaged food that you have to buy as part of a ‘meal plan’ are not a good solution. Go to the grocery store. Buy real, whole food ingredients. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, simple whole grains, naturally low fat dairy products and lean meat. Learn to cook from scratch using healthy oils and plenty of fresh spices. If you need inspiration, the Kiqplan Slim and Trim app actually has a wonderful recipe selection to help you achieve healthy weight loss!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Drink plenty of water:  Water is important for all cellular functions in our body and it does actually give you the illusion of being full for a little while. Make sure you keep your water intake up to flush toxins and assist with healthy weight loss. And remember to not ‘drink’ your daily caloric allowance. Skip the soda, iced tea, juice, etc that are nothing but empty calories. Drink water (calorie free! YAY!) and save those calories for something tastier!


Yes, you DO need to exercise regularly:  Healthy weight loss is really a simple formula. Burn more calories than you take in. In order to burn those calories, you need to exercise daily. You don’t need to run marathons, either. I love that the Kiqplan Slim and Trim app actually has caloric information about housework! Vacuuming the house burns calories and you can keep track of that with the app. You can also record your gym workout, your after dinner walk, and the rest of your daily activities. As you burn calories, your app will keep track of them all. There is a ‘workout buddy’ who can show you how to do particular exercises as well as inspiring tips to keep you motivated.

How to lose weight without dieting

Get a good night sleep:  You will not have the energy to exercise and cook for yourself if you don’t get a good night sleep. Turn off the TV, put down the book, and stop texting your friends. Kiqplan Slim and Trim will help you keep track of your sleeping hours and encourage you to get at least 8 hours for better health!

If you are on a weight loss journey and want that weight to STAY off for good, you need to remember that there are no shortcuts. You can’t wish away the pounds and you will never be able to eat whatever you want and have the weight stay off. Download Kiqplan Slim and Trim and improve your chance at success. It will be your very own trainer, nutritionist and motivational coach all in one app. Their 12 week program will help you trim, tone and tighten so you feel amazing.The app provides:

  • Step and calorie targets tailored to your individual goals and daily progress
  • Full body video workouts to maximize calorie burn and tone
  • High intensity circuit workouts to increase fitness and stamina levels
  • Easy-to-follow advice from our team of nutritional and fitness experts
  • Recipes created using the best mix of nutrients for successful weight loss
  • Easy food diary with barcode scanning and all your favorite foods
  • Motivational feedback on your progress and a nudge of encouragement when you need it!

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  1. I have been fortunate enough to never have to worry about my weight but I do worry about not getting enough exercise! I want to eat right and tone up and motivation is key so an APP is great.
  2. I need to get this one. I am always looking for new healthy living apps!
  3. These really are some great tips! weightloss is hard any tips from others are always welcomed :)
  4. Keeping a food diary is a big helper for me. I just need to get better with incorporating regular exercise as well.
  5. I love this! the moment I think I'm deprived, I fail. Instead I think of everything as a choice and I'm choosing to be healthy, I'm choosing good foods and I'm choosing to be around with my kids for a long time. Being skinny and losing weight is just an added benefit.
  6. Seeing it as a life-change, not a diet, was big for me. This is just how I eat now, and that's a great feeling!

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