Adelphi University Leads by Example to Ensure a Green Future!

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When my children were younger, I was in charge of the Environmental Committee at their elementary school. What did that mean for me? It meant that every week I took a gigantic rolling cart from room to room collecting the paper waste that the classroom had generated that week.

It meant that on Earth Day I handed out a ‘green’ reminder to them of the importance of caring for our planet. And it meant that I took an entire school’s worth of used shoes for recycling every spring. That was a lot of shoes! There were days for battery recycling and time spent in classrooms planting flowers.

The kids were always eager to participate and they really seemed to understand the importance of living green.

Adelphi University Leads by Example to Ensure a Green Future!

Schools all around this world have an opportunity to teach children not only math and science but a love of nature and a concern for our environment. Whether those schools are public or private, big or small, or even college universities, they have a huge influence on the children that attend them.

At Adelphi University in New York, they understand the importance of leading by example. Their green initiatives all around campus are showing students what it means to care for the environment. And since those students will one day grow up to be our country’s leaders, I think this is an excellent way to ensure the long-term survival of our planet!

Adelphi University Leads by Example to Ensure a Green Future!

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Adelphi University has instituted numerous green initiatives over the years, all with an eye to reducing their carbon footprint and protecting our fragile environment. They are a leader in the field of energy conservation and recycling and are at the forefront of developing programs and policies that will ensure an environmentally friendly and fuel efficient environment. What are some other measures that Adelphi University is taking to make their campus a little bit greener? Here are just a few of their initiatives so far.

Adelphi University works to create a more sustainable campus by:

  • Decreasing their reliance on fossil fuels and improving energy efficiency
  • Utilizing alternative forms of energy wherever possible
  • Reducing energy consumption from computers and other electronic technology
  • Increasing their recycling efforts throughout campus
  • Ensuring that new construction is as green as possible
  • Utilize green-certified products throughout the campus whenever they are possible
  • Harnessing solar energy
  • Purchasing hybrid vehicles for on-campus use by facility staff and encouraging the use of public transportation and rideshare options for staff and students. They have even just launched a fresh air campaign that includes providing chargers on campus free for those that drive hybrid vehicles!

One of the programs at Adelphi University that impressed me the most was their use of natural pesticides and even ladybugs instead of chemical sprays around campus. I use only natural products in my own yard and to see these ideas used on such a grand scale makes me incredibly happy! Not to mention the fact that I was in awe of the latest ladybug release at Adelphi University! Check out the video below to see it for yourself!

I hope that seeing the green initiatives being put in place at Adelphi University inspires you to tackle a few more environmentally friendly goals in your own home. And if you are an educator, maybe you will consider bringing some of these programs to your own school. Because leading by example will help ensure that our kids get the message that protecting our environment is a goal well worth reaching for!

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