National Self Improvement Month means Checking Your Credit!

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Over the summer, I don’t have much time to do anything for myself. The kids are home from school, the pool is open, and vacations need to be planned. I’m lucky I find time most days to get the beds made and dinner cooked.

Once September comes around,  I finally feel like I can breathe again and that means there are a number of things that need to get checked off the to-do list. Organize the medicine chest, take piles of stuff to the thrift store and get our finances in order.

With the holidays right around the corner, I like to know how my finances are doing before pulling out those credit cards to start shopping! Since September is National Self Improvement Month, it makes sense to use this month to learn how to reduce stress, improve our health, and check on the status of our credit.

Wondering how LifeLock can help you accomplish your credit self-check? The new LifeLock Plus program offers a number of activity alerts that help offer peace of mind against identity theft. Living in such a digitally connected world puts us at great risk for identity theft which could seriously mess up our credit!

How can LifeLock help you get your ducks in a row for National Self Improvement Month? There are a number of scenarios that we encounter every single day that put each one of us at risk for identity theft. LifeLock knows what those issues are and has ways to help protect you!

National Self Improvement Month means Checking Your Credit! #LifeLockHealthyCredit

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Self Improvement Means Checking Your Credit!

Ever open the mailbox and find 5 credit card applications in there? That is a huge risk to your credit! Thieves have been known to grab those applications and open up a line of credit in YOUR name! LifeLock protection reduces the amount of pre-approved credit card offers you receive.

Ever shop at a mass-market retailer only to listen to the news and realize that they had a huge data breach? Wonder if you shopped at that store during that time period? LifeLock provides notifications of these breaches so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Ever get a statement in the mail and wonder why there is a charge for a store you have never shopped at? LifeLock constantly monitors your bank or credit accounts for unauthorized purchases.

Wonder if your computer transactions are as secure as you hope they are? LifeLock notifies and protects you against file-sharing network searches and can provide peace of mind when you are shopping online.


When people think of the term ‘self-improvement’ they usually think of their physical or mental health. Maybe they think about learning a new skill or going back to school for a degree. LifeLock wants to encourage you to improve your FINANCIAL health this month.

Take a few minutes to look at your bank accounts, your retirement fund, and your spending habits. Then, take a few more minutes to protect those accounts along with your credit and identity by signing up for LifeLock Plus.

Just a few minutes can help protect your identity from thieves looking to ruin your financial security! Head to the LifeLock site to learn more about how to protect your credit during National Self Improvement Month!

6 thoughts on “National Self Improvement Month means Checking Your Credit!”

  1. I worry that my daughter will be a victim of identity theft. The risks are so much higher now that we’re so digitally dependent, and I want a better future for her. My credit was ruined while I was still in high school thanks to self-serving and terrible advice from a parent, and at 28 I’m still years from a good credit score. I want to make sure that she has a different story.

    • Im so sorry you are having to deal with the fallout from that still! I remember being offered a credit card when I started college and am so happy my parents told me no! Hopefully things will improve quickly for you!

  2. I always constantly monitor. Just this past weekend someone had stolen my credit card and thankfully my card company alerted me. I need to check out LifeLock for extra protection.


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