Advice for My Teenage Daughter as She Begins High School

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Last week, I attended my daughter’s 8th-grade award ceremony. It’s hard to believe that my baby girl will be entering into high school in just 10 more weeks. What happened to my little side kick with those pudgy legs and cute blond curls? Where is the courageous little kindergartner who got on that school bus without a single backward glance for her crying mother? I miss that little girl, but the young woman who currently graces my life is spectacular in her own very unique way. Her hard work has earned her recognition in her classes. Her helpful nature has endeared her to her teachers. And while she may drive me nuts some days (what teenager doesn’t, right?), I love her more with every passing moment. And it has nothing to do with how many awards she has received. (although I am darned proud of those!)

Advice for My Teenage Daughter as She Begins High School

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Advice for my Teenage Daughter

As my middle schooler turns into a high schooler, I worry about her more and more. The concerns of childhood are fading away, to be replaced with bigger issues. Stress about college scholarships, boys, getting a job and just learning how to fit in with a new crowd of people. As her mother, I want to protect her from every imaginable hurt that may come her way. But, that isn’t my job. As a mom, I need to teach her how to take care of herself and avoid those hurts on her own. And to teach her how to deal with the emotional upheaval that comes from not being able to avoid them all. When I was asked by Ricola swiss herbs throat drops and Social Stars to share some advice with someone, I knew I wanted to impart a few words of wisdom to my daughter as she begins this journey we call high school.

Advice for my Teenage Daughter

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My biggest piece of advice for my teenage daughter and one that my mother told me many years ago is to not let others steer you in the wrong direction. You are a thoughtful and intelligent young lady with a strong moral compass and a level head on your shoulders. You know right from wrong. Deep down in your soul, you have the answers to just about every question that could arise regarding your own personal behavior. Make the right choices and the rest of it will fall right into place. Stay out of trouble, be cautious of who you call ‘friend’, and let your moral compass steer you in the right direction.

Advice for my Teenage Daughter

One piece of advice for my teenage daughter that has served me well for years is to always be prepared. I was the hiker out on the trail with her survival handbook and waterproof matches even if civilization was only a 1/2 mile away. I am the mom who’s purse contains a Swiss Army Knife and snacks in case of a zombie apocalypse. Even when my purse can fit in the palm of my hand, I have tissues, Ricola swiss herbs throat drops, lip balm and an essential oil roller tucked into it. You never know when that outdoor celebration, graduation, or awards ceremony may result in tears, stress, allergy attacks or an uncontrollable cough. Be prepared, young lady, for every emergency and you will never have one! You will also make a lot of friends when you are the only one who thought to bring a few extra pencils, snacks or ibuprofen for a headache.

Advice for my teenage daughter about fear

Another piece of advice for my teenage daughter is to not let fear keep you from experiencing new things. Humans naturally fear things they are not familiar with. This is totally normal and not a failure on your part at all. What is important is your REACTION to that fear. Do you push through it? Hold on tight and tackle the next wave, no matter how intimidating it looks? Or do you run and hide without trying to conquer that fear at all? There are a lot of things in life that you may fear. Graduation, a new job, moving away from home or getting married. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from exploring new heights, no matter how terrifying, intimidating or WET they might be!

Advice for my teenage daughter

Think back to your own childhood. Did someone give you advice that was particularly helpful in your life? Have you passed that advice on to your own children yet? Celebrate the 75 year anniversary of Ricola by reflecting on some of the best advice you’ve received or want to pass on to others. Ricola’s unique blend of herbs has been passed down through the years…..just like the best advice a mom could give her teenage daughter! Check out the Ricola Swiss Herbs throat drops history. Ricola’s herbs are proprietary, one-of-a-kind and completely awesome!

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What advice will YOU be sharing with your teenage daughter?

Advice for my Teenage Daughter
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  1. Your advice to not let others steer you in the wrong direction is fantastic. I gave my kids similar advice and also told them if they feel uncomfortable telling someone they can’t do something, blame it on me so that the other kids are mad at me and not her. It makes it easier to resist peer pressure; my dad did the same thing for me. Also, it’s definitely great to be prepared. My daughter always has what she needs, and people often ask her to borrow something.


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