Anti Aging Hair Care Tips

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I have been noticing for the last couple of years that my hair is starting to look ‘not as brown’ as it used to be. I don’t have a ton of gray hair yet but the color just seems to be rather dull. There is a lack of vibrancy and shine to my hair and the only thing I can think of that is causing it would be age.

There isn’t much I can do about the age factor. We all get older eventually, no matter how much we may hate it.

I am starting to look for some aging hair tips to help me get back those lustrous locks of my youth. When Nature Made asked me to check out their new Hair, Skin, Nails Adult Gummies, I was excited to try them.

Keep reading to learn more about these new vitamins as well as a few other aging hair tips that might help improve the look and feel of your hair.

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Aging Hair Tips for Locks that Look Younger Than You Really Are!

Anti Aging Hair Tips

In order to improve the health of our hair as we get older, we need to really take very good care of it! Here are a few ways to pamper your middle aged hair:

  • Add oil back to your hair:  As we age, our hair tends to become dry and brittle. Add oil back in on a regular basis to keep a lustrous shine. Argan oil is a great oil to use on your hair and it is easy to find in most beauty stores.
  • Avoid high heat and harsh chemicals:  Perms, flat ironing, and high heat blow drying all strip hair of its’ natural oil. Avoid harsh treatments if you want your hair to look as young as possible.
  • Use protein-rich hair treatments: Protein helps improve the elasticity of hair. Look for protein-rich conditioners, shampoos, and masks to help give new life to older hair.
  • Avoid UV rays:  Sun can really damage your hair. Consider wearing a large brimmed hat or hanging out in the shade when you head to the pool this summer.
  • Take a vitamin high in biotin:  Biotin may help support healthy hair, skin, and nails. Look for a vitamin like Nature Made Hair, Skin and Nails adult gummies to boost your hair’s health. Gummies are great for people who have trouble swallowing vitamin pills

Aging Hair Tips for Locks that Look Younger Than You Really Are!

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Hair, Skin, Nails Adult Gummies

Nature Made Hair, Skin, and Nails adult gummies are a delicious way to boost your hair nutrition. They provide 2500 mcg biotin and 100 mg vitamin C per serving. These gummies are gluten free and contain no artificial ingredients, which I love.

And, of course, gummies are tasty….definitely one of my favorite ways to take a daily vitamin supplement! Even though I eat healthily, I know that vitamins are a good way to ‘fill in the gaps’ in my daily nutritional profile.

Taking vitamins specifically geared towards healthier hair is one way to keep aging hair from looking dry, dull, and old. And the fact that they taste delicious means that I am more apt to actually take them every day!

Aging Hair Tips for Locks that Look Younger Than You Really Are! 2

Trust in Nature Made Vitamins

I am very picky about the vitamins and supplements that I take. Nature Made has always been high on my list of trusted brands. They are the number one pharmacist recommended brand and they are serious about the quality of the ingredients they use. Nature Made is definitely a great way to make every day just a little bit healthier! 

If you want to try these for yourself, I found them at Walgreens but they can be found in most stores that carry Nature Made products. Do you have any aging hair tips to share?

Aging Hair Tips for Locks that Look Younger Than You Really Are!



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