The Benefits of Hemp Clothing for a Sustainable Closet

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A look into the closet of most American women would show you a very wide variety of cotton and synthetic materials. You would probably see a few too many clothing items and an assortment of hangers with dry cleaning tags on them. Needless to say, the standard American closet isn’t really good for the environment. Traditionally grown cotton requires a ton of pesticides, which then end up in our water supply and on your final clothes. Buying too much of anything is never good for your carbon footprint and the negative effects of dry cleaning on the environment are too numerous to go into. So, what’s a girl to do when she wants to create a sustainable closet?

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Benefits of Hemp Clothing for a Sustainable Closet

One of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your closet is to buy less, choose easy to wash fabrics and to be picky about the clothing materials you choose. Hemp clothing from prAna is a good choice and these clothes will take you from city streets to mountain peaks!

Prana and the Benefits of Hemp Clothing for a Sustainable Closet

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Benefits of Hemp Clothing:

So, why choose hemp clothing? There are actually a ton of benefits of hemp clothing compared to cotton and synthetics. Here are just a few reasons why your closet needs more hemp in it:

  • Hemp is very breathable.  It actually releases perspiration quickly and dries fast. This is very beneficial if you live in a hot and humid place like I do. It also makes it great for backwoods hiking!
  • Hemp retains color well.  It absorbs color much more easily than some other fabrics during the manufacturing process and retains that color longer. That means less fading for you as you wash your clothes.
  • You never need to dry clean hemp.  That means some serious money saving for YOU and fewer dry cleaning chemicals and plastic bags ending up in our environment.

Prana and the Benefits of Hemp Clothing for a Sustainable Closet

  • Hemp has natural antimicrobial properties.  This comes in very handy when it comes to workout gear!
  • Hemp is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.  That means your backpack full of hemp clothing that you lug through the woods on your rainy weekend camping trip is less likely to start smelling funky than traditional cotton would.
  • Hemp stands the test of time.  The more it’s washed, the softer hemp gets!
  • Hemp is greener to grow! Thanks to its natural heartiness, hemp doesn’t require any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, which makes it’s safer for the farmers that grow it as well as the land it’s grown on.

If you want more information about hemp clothing, check out the video on the prAna website about why hemp matters. You can also get more information about organic cotton in the video why organic cotton matters.

Prana and the Benefits of Hemp Clothing for a Sustainable Closet

Hemp clothing from prAna

prAna has a number of hemp clothing items to choose from and I was very impressed with the items that I bought. Here are the choices I made from them:

  • Lizbeth Capri:  The prAna Lizbeth Capri is pleated and tapered for a distinctive style. It is a blend of soft hemp and recycled materials and is infused with stretch for comfortable movement.
  • Calypsa Top:  The Calypsa top is a new addition to the prAna hemp collection. It features 4 way stretch, UPF 50+, and natural odor-reducing properties. Raw edge seam details and ergonomic flatlock construction with the interior shelf bra make this extremely comfortable and stylish.

Eco friendly Clothing from Prana

I loved the details of the capris. The buttons, pleating and the grain of the fabric really give this a slightly upscale look but the comfort level is amazing.

I love the pockets on these hemp capris. They were big enough to be functional which is good when you are a busy mom!


The Calypsa top was very comfortable and had a nice elasticity to it that makes it perfect for wearing out and about. I could see this shirt being worn running errands AND as part of your hiking wardrobe. It is attractive, yet functional, which is a nice combination.

Prana and the Benefits of Hemp Clothing for a Sustainable Closet



If you are looking for hemp clothing to create a more sustainable closet, I recommend you check out the options from prAna! They offer not only hemp clothing but also items made from organic cotton as well as recycled materials. prAna’s ultimate goal is to make sustainable clothing accessible and important to everyone. They also prioritize giving back to communities all over the world, which is very important to me.

If you are impressed with all of the benefits of hemp clothing, do a little shopping for your own sustainable closet with the discount code below!

Shop hemp clothing from prAna!

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  1. You know, I only think about hemp as rope and for, ahem… recreational uses.

    But I’ll be honest, especially looking at it close-up, that is beautiful material! It looks sturdy and easy to live in.

  2. I love PrAna clothing, I only have two pieces but am always looking for it on clearance racks at our outdoor stores. Thanks for letting me know it’s on sale, I can shop for it from home now.

  3. I love your top! I had no idea that hemp has antimicrobial properties and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. I will have to look more in to getting my clothing from PrAna.


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