At Home Workout Tips For Maximum Results

This post about at home workout tips is sponsored by iFit.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

What’s the best home workout program?  The one that works for YOU.  Whether you sign up for daily workout tips from a personal trainer or build a total home gym, you won’t stick to your workout routine if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle and your mood. 

I thought I would share some tips for working out at home that might help you achieve your workout goals this year.  Whether you want to boost cardio performance or build muscle, you can get in shape without a gym!

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Finding The Best Workout   

Over the years, I have tried a lot of different methods to get in better shape. Running, yoga, gym workouts, and a wide variety of other exercise regimes all have their pluses and minuses, depending on your personal preferences.  You might need to try a few to find what works best for you.

I have learned that I am busy, budget minded, and get bored easily. If this describes you as well, an at home workout may be just what you need.  Cheaper than a gym and easy to fit into a busy schedule, home workouts make getting in shape easy.

Technology, workout equipment, and a few fun outdoor exercises when the weather is nice can keep you engaged and excited about getting in shape.  Just because you are working out at home, doesn’t mean you are stuck doing sit-ups in your living room.  Here are a few tips for choosing the right at home exercise routine:

  • Choose exercises that you enjoy. If you hate running, don’t do it.  You will only stick to a workout routine if you actually enjoy it.
  • Choose more than one type of exercise.  Don’t just do weight training and skip cardio completely.  You won’t see the overall results you want if you are too focused on one type of exercise.
  • Vary the intensity of your exercise. This is good for the body and your metabolism.  Throw in a gentle workout on days you work late and push yourself harder on the weekend.
  • Choose exercise options that fit your lifestyle. If you live in the city, you might not want to bike ride in traffic.  And if you have young kids, you may have to work out at night, making outdoor exercise challenging.  
  • Have alternative exercise options that don’t depend on good weather or daylight. Don’t completely skip your workout just because it rained on your run day.  Have a backup plan in place ahead of time.
  • Use technology to your advantage.  Whether it’s an exercise bike, a smart watch, or a fitness app, technology can help you take your workout routine to the next level! If you have a smart device (TV, tablet or phone), you can try iFit as part of your workout routine. 

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iFit app for your home workout routine

iFit gives you access to thousands of workouts, both on your machine and off! You can workout using the iFit app on a tablet, TV, or phone, whether you have workout equipment at home or not.  This app is a great way to let technology keep you motivated and inspired during your at home workout.  

Whether you want to try yoga, strength training, meditation, Pilates, or boxing, you have options with iFit. The great thing about iFit is that you are joining a community.  And no matter where you are in your fitness journey, iFit has content within the app to keep you motivated!

A few of the benefits of iFit:

  • You can use it with or without a machine, which makes it incredibly convenient for home workouts.
  • There is a WIDE variety of trainers and workouts, from Slow and Steady (That’s ME!) to some serious hardcore cardio workouts. 
  • You can use the iFit app on everything from your TV (we used our FireStick) to your phone or tablet.  That means, if the kids take over the TV, you still have options!
  • They offer a HUGE fitness library to choose from so you will never be bored.  I can do yoga one day and a core workout the next.


How can you get iFit for yourself?

Want to download the iFit app and try it out for free?  

Join the iFit community by downloading the app now and start your free trial.   And if you need tips to keep you motivated along your workout journey this spring, keep reading for a few more ideas!

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At Home Workout Tips To Keep You Motivated

Are home workouts effective? YES! If you put some time and effort into your workout at home, it can be just as effective as a gym workout. It can also be much cheaper and easier to work into your busy schedule.  Here are a few ways to stay motivated to work out at home:

Kick up the music

One of the things I love most about the gym is the energy I feel there. The hyped up people and the rocking music just keep me inspired to get my rear end moving. Bring that energy into your home with a playlist full of upbeat music that will help you push beyond your mental limits.

Make a playlist on Spotify or your cell phone. Invest in a nice stereo system or a good set of speakers. Anything that helps you get some mood music into your workout area.

Read These At Home Workout Tips and Stop Procrastinating!

Get Rid of Distractions

Working from home means that I am very aware of the distractions around me. These workout tips won’t help you get in shape at all if you don’t actually start working out because your kid is hanging on your leg all day. Reserve their TV time for your 30-minute workout.

Exercise while the kids are sleeping. Or, get them involved in your workout and exercise together. Turn off your cell phone notifications while you exercise and take the house phone off the hook. Anything that gets you 30 minutes of uninterrupted workout time is a plus.

Read These At Home Workout Tips and Stop Procrastinating!

Put it on your to-do list

Whether you work out at home or you go to the gym, you will never get in shape unless you actually put exercise on your to-do list. Make it a priority and stop putting it last on the list.

Pencil in a time to exercise and then stick to your commitment. Make your health a priority.

Read These At Home Workout Tips and Stop Procrastinating!

Home Workout Equipment To Invest In

While you can certainly get in shape running up and down the stairs and doing sit-ups, there are a few simple types of home workout equipment that might help you get in shape faster at home.  Here are a few I have at home for my indoor workouts:

Hand weights In Various Sizes

You don’t need to go to a gym to work on building muscle. Make sure you invest in a set of hand weights that come in multiple sizes. They are rather inexpensive and weight training has a lot of benefits to your overall health.

When you first start lifting weights, remember that you may actually see a GAIN in weight since muscle weighs more than fat. You will, however, begin to see the physical difference as that fat is burned off and is replaced by muscle.

Read These At Home Workout Tips and Stop Procrastinating!

Invest in an exercise ball

An exercise ball is a very versatile piece of equipment and is great for the home workout. You can sit on it to strengthen your core while you lift weights or use it to stretch out your back after a day of sitting at the computer.

Place it up against the wall and stand with your back to it. Slowly squat, keeping the ball between you and the wall. It’s a great addition to your workout routine and will help add in a bit of variety so you don’t get bored.

Bring the gym equipment in house

If you are committed to your at home exercise and want to be able to get a good cardiovascular workout even in the bad weather, a treadmill, indoor bike, or rowing machine is a great investment. Look for second hand equipment if your budget is tight.  

Go High Tech

Who would have thought that a watch, phone, or tablet could be a part of your workout routine but technology has come a long way.  From tracking your steps to finding amazing workout trainers and classes, investing in technology can keep you connected to a world of fitness opportunities.  And of course, don’t forget to download  the iFit app and start your free trial!

Just because you don’t want to join a gym (or can’t afford one), doesn’t mean you are doomed when it comes to your health.  Get creative with working out at home and you will see results in no time!



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