Light Up Your Workout Routine With Panther Vision

Have you ever tried walking a hyper dog at night with your hands full of leash, flashlight, and a bag of something that said dog decided to leave in your neighbor’s yard? Ever try running at night while gripping a flashlight in your sweaty hand? How about camping in the middle of nowhere and trying to pee on a tree at night while holding on to a flashlight and a roll of biodegradable toilet paper? I have done all of these things and can tell you, an extra hand would have really come in…well…handy! While walking, running and hiking in the woods are all great additions to your workout routine, they all become a touch more difficult when done at night. With the hectic schedules that many Americans are dealing with, most people are having to add night time exercise to their workout routine. That means we need a way to light up our steps without giving up the freedom of a free hand or two. Well, Panther Vision has come up with a great way for you to light up your own workout routine. My husband and I got the chance to try out a couple of their lighted baseball caps over the last few weeks and I have been very pleased with them. If you have never heard of Panther Vision, here is some information about them from their website:

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panther vision for your workout routine


 At Panther Vision®, our mission is to make people’s lives easier, more productive, and enjoyable through our ultra-bright, HANDS-FREE, LED lighting technology. Our hands-free product designs are focused on easily lighting the areas where you work with your hands, where you read, or where you do activities and are designed to make sure you can continue your activities regardless of lighting conditions.

Panther Vision makes a number of different types of lighted caps so you can find one the matches your style and type of workout routine. And, they aren’t just for designed for exercising. They are great to wear any time you need your hands free and a little extra light. My husband always struggles to change the air conditioner filter in the unlit crawlspace under the house and this is the perfect solution. They are also great for automotive work in dimly lit garages and grilling in the low light of early evening. These caps have a built in LED light under the brim that offers the perfect amount of lighting while still being stylish and comfortable. Panther Vision also makes an assortment of reading classes and clip on lights. The LED lights makes them very bright and long lasting.

Panther Vision lighted cap

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I received the POWERCAP Men’s LED Lighted Running Hat in white for my husband to try out. The hat has 4 LED’s under the brim which provide more than 48 Lumens of light. It looks just like any other running hat and is made of a lightweight performance material that dries very quickly. There is a moisture wicking sweat band around the inside of the cap to help with perspiration, although my husband is a serious sweater when he works out so that feature doesn’t do TOO much to control the sweat for him. There are 4 coin cell batteries hidden in a little compartment of the sweatband and they provide about 68 hours of light for your workout before needing to be replaced. The on/off switch for the light is very easy to click and is located right under the brim. It is slightly raised so you can find it easily with your thumb. The lights in the brim are angled in two different directions to illuminate the area right in front of you as well as an area slightly ahead of you (up to 72 feet away). Basically, you can see where you ARE but also where you are going. This hat is very attractive and stylish, as well as functional. The Velcro fastening at the back makes adjusting for your own personal head size very easy. The material is very soft and the brim is slightly curved, giving it a very nice look and feel.

panther vision hat for workout routine

We also received the POWERCAP EXP 100 Headlamp Lighted Hat which is listed as one of their high performance hats. This cap runs on 3 AAA batteries that are located in a small pack at the back of the hat. It will run for 117 hours and has a slightly different lighting system than the previous hat. The LED lights are still located right under the brim and are easily controlled with just a click of your thumb. Instead of 2 fixed LED lights there is one panel under the center of the brim that contains 6 different LEDs that are angled in slightly different directions   A patented 3 way switch allows you to choose distance lighting, close up lighting, or both together. Like the previously mentioned hat, it too has a Velcro closure at the back for easy size adjustment. The cut and material are a little bit different than the running hat but is still lightweight and fits very comfortably. The battery pack nestles quite nicely in the little dip at the base of the skull and I honestly could not even feel that it was there.

lighted cap for your workout routine

Light Up Your Workout Routine!


After a good workout routine you are usually left with a very sweaty hat and the Panther Vision lighted caps can be machine washed, just make sure to take the batteries out of them first. And we never put our hats in the dryer….usually just a run through the wash and line dry. That is really all the maintenance these hats need.

I was very happy with the hats that I was sent from Panther Vision and they fit in nicely to both my husband and I’s workout routine. They are comfortable, stylish and offer a nice amount of light to make night time workout routines easier or to illuminate any chore that needs just a little bit more light.

If you would like to purchase Panther Vision LED hats for your own workout routine head over to the Panther Vision website.

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  1. That is a really neat idea! The first thing I was thinking was how I have to crawl under the house to change the filter on the gas central heat and this could be very helpful.

  2. These are really neat! These would be great for walking our pups in the evenings. 72 feet away. Wow that is quite a distance. I like the running hat style.


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