Bare Necessities for a Tiny Purse #PoisewithSAM

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When my children were babies, I never left home without a diaper bag or backpack. It was filled to the brim with everything we could possibly need in order to survive the apocalypse. Honestly, I had enough toys, food, sippy cups and diapers to outfit an entire baby army. When they got older, I *STILL* packed like we were going to be lost at sea for a month. Crayons, snacks, changes of clothes, etc all got stuffed into a large purse that looked more like a duffel bag than a fashion statement. Now, I have teenagers. I am sick of looking like a hobo when I go out and about. I do not need to lug around 20 pounds of stuff everywhere I go. Not to mention the fact that after years of carrying around everything but the kitchen sink I now have neck and shoulder and back problems that require I downsize my stash to only what can fit in a tiny purse. It has not been easy to figure out exactly what bare necessities I actually NEED to carry with me. Can I live without my glasses? Actually, yes I can as long as I don’t need to read my insurance card! I can also live without my ’emergency lost in the woods supplies’ like flashlight and baby wipes. It was hard but I have narrowed down my bare necessities to a few simple things so I can carry my tiny purse wherever I need to go! Here is what I have decided I can NOT live without!

Bare Necessities for a Tiny Purse

Bare Necessities for a Tiny Purse #PoisewithSAM

So, what kind of bare necessities ended up in my tiny purse? Here are just a few things I decided I could not live without:

  • Cell phone (my lifeline!) Must not go anywhere without THAT!
  • Keys to the car…since the garage door opener is in there, who  needs any more keys than that? Lets hope the batteries don’t die…
  • Lip balm. I am an addict, I admit!
  • Mints. Because bad breath is never a good thing!
  • Assorted cards: Drivers license, credit card, insurance card and Triple A. Should cover all spending and emergency situations that arise.
  • Business cards: Because you never know when a work opportunity will come up!
  • Poise microliners…since light bladder leakage is something you don’t want to be left unprepared for!

Bare neccessities for a tiny purse #PoisewithSAM

Poise microliners are incredibly thin. They easily fit into a tiny purse so that when I stop at the gym I am not unprepared for a a zumba class. No worry about not being able to ‘hide’ them in your purse either. Have you ever opened up your tiny purse to get your money and flashed a pad to the clerk? Embarrassing? Yes! These are easily hidden inside my tiny purse with no worry about them falling out when I look for something. See that picture? Can’t get much thinner than that!

What bare necessities end up in YOUR tiny purse? #PoisewithSAM

Of course, if they are that thin you are probably wondering if they actually WORK! I can say that they definitely do! And they work so well you won’t even notice it’s there! Want to know why I always keep Poise microliners with me? Check out my post about conquering life without fear of light bladder leakage. Making sure these little guys end up in my tiny purse is important! What bare necessities do you put in YOUR tiny purse?

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  1. I’m not sure I could get away with a tiny purse. I have so much stuff. I always make sure to toss in a Poise Microliner!

  2. I got used to carrying around a small purse so I couldn’t make myself go back to a diaper bag with Quinn! I carry around the bare essentials in a medium sized purse. I don’t have any liners, though. I need to add a few of those.

  3. Those are great even for my extra large size purse!

  4. I need a tiny purse, I only carry a wallet. Those Poise are so thin!

  5. Regardless of the size of the Poise liners, I couldn’t get away with a small purse. With an epi pen, a coin purse, my phone, keys and a bajillion odds and ends, I would feel lost with such a tiny purse. Kudos to you for being able to do it. LOL

    • I keep the car well stocked with wipes, flashlight, napkins, nail file, etc. so, I usually have emergency stuff around if I need it…just not on my shoulder!

  6. I love your suggestions, but I have to giggle because I don’t own a SINGLE tiny purse at all! LOL Perhaps I will one day when my kids are older 😉

  7. I like that they are small and discreat. 🙂

  8. My daughter is always on the look out for something she can put in her back pocket undetected! She doesn’t so much carry a purse!

  9. I love that these liners are SO SUPER thin!

  10. I just started a Zumba class and could really use these!! I love how thin they are

  11. It really does floor me that they’re as thin as they are but as absorbent as they are.

  12. I do have a tiny purse, which recently got a Poise added to its contents, since it takes like no room at all. Then when I need a larger purse if I’m in a hurry sometimes I’ll just rop the tiny one into the big one.

  13. I love the fact that these are so slim.

  14. The thinner the better, as long as they are absorbent, that’s most important.

  15. I have been switching to a tiny purse more and more frequently and I have to say it is sooo freeing! And so much better for my posture. Haven’t tried those microliners but I think they’ll find their way in there very soon. As you said, after babies you don’t really want to be caught unprepared 🙂

  16. I love how thin these are, and look at everything you are able to put in a tiny purse!

  17. I finally tried these things after reading all of the blog reviews that were all so positive, and I must say I do like them. They are nice and they take up a lot less room and provide the same protection.

  18. I’m such a bag lady that when I carry a tiny purse, it’s always PACKED. Love this list of bare necessities. Perfect for an overpacker like me. 😉

  19. I love how thin these are. They take up hardly any room at all.

  20. Jessica Urgelles says

    Those are so small, you wouldn’t need a great big purse to carry them!

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