A busy mom’s Progressive Snapshot experience

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Like most moms, I am constantly being pulled from one activity to another. Even though I work from home I feel like I spend half my day in the car! Whether I am heading to the pet store food dog food or the grocery store for people food I have to get there in my car.

As much as I would love to walk or take my bicycle it just isn’t possible in the busy outskirts of Atlanta! Car insurance can be expensive but it definitely is NOT optional! There are a number of ways that you can save on your car insurance, though, and Progressive has come up with a neat idea! Check out Flo and her nifty Snapshot gadget:

So, what is Snapshot? This is a new program that Progressive has come up with to monitor your driving so you can possibly qualify for discounts based on your driving habits. You see that tiny device in Flo’s hand?

Well, it plugs in right under your dashboard very easily and monitors things like your braking habits, how many miles a day you drive, and what time of day you drive. All of these things effect your insurance rating with Progressive and by using Snapshot you could qualify to save up to %30 on your insurance costs. You can try Snapshot totally free and it could save you a ton of money.

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Progressive Snapshot Summary


So, when I received my device I was worried I wouldn’t be able to put it in myself…I am not the most automobile savvy mom! But it was amazingly simple to just plug it in right under the dashboard and then off I went on my day’s errands.

Since I try and consolidate as many errands as I can into one outing, they started at 8 AM when I had to drop my son off at school for a Math help session. Of course, he was having a school party that afternoon that required him to bring Spanish food….so the next stop was the grocery store for something to heat and bring after lunch. 2 trips to the school in one day…fun!

Then, before heading home it was off to the library to return overdue books and the dry cleaners for the husband’s pants. Sheesh… too many chores for that early in the morning! The last one is a stop to get gas before going home for a couple of hours. I will have to head back to the school to deliver food later but at least I have a minute or two for a shower!

progressive snapshot getting gas

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For the next 30 days my little Snapshot device monitored my driving and sent me a weekly update about how I was doing. You can get a ‘grade’ based on how hard you brake, how fast you accelerate and a number of other factors. The Snapshot unit will beep to let you know if you are breaking too hard so you can work on your driving skills.

So, how did I do? I will admit, I didn’t qualify for any discounts because I break too hard. I think I am a pretty good driver but living in a big urban area means tons of traffic and a lot of stop-and-go situations.

With high-speed limits and a lot of cars around I found it a little hard to break more gently or accelerate slower. Everyone’s driving situation is different, though, so I really recommend you try out the Snapshot device from Progressive. You may be paying way too much for your car insurance and not even realize it! To learn more about the program, check out this video:




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  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of anything like that. That is really innovative. I don’t have insurance through progressive, but I’d be really interested to know how my driving habits compare with how they “should” be.


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