Caramel Apple Yogurt Parfait Recipe and #YogurtPerfection with Liberte!

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We go through a ridiculous amount of  yogurt in my house every week. Seriously…I could have a half empty grocery cart by the time I got to the yogurt isle and it would be full when I went to check out. Yogurt is great for breakfast, a snack, making smoothies or even for dessert. It is also a great substitute for higher fat items like sour cream or mayonnaise. I must admit, though, I am a bit of a yogurt snob. I don’t want just any old yogurt and my family discovered Liberte yogurt YEARS ago and we were hooked!

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Yogurt Parfait Recipe with Liberte YogurtCaramel Apple Yogurt Parfait Recipe

There are a few key features that have me coming back to Liberte yogurt over and over again. They use only real whole milk from cows NOT treated with artificial growth hormones. They use only REAL cane sugar to sweeten their yogurt and all the other ingredients are as natural and simple as possible. The incredibly thick and creamy texture is unparalleled my most other yogurt brands!

I was thrilled to discover that Liberte has come out with two new flavors: Méditerranée Caramel  and Méditerranée Cappuccino. I was particularly excited about the new Caramel Liberte yogurt because caramel ANYTHING is a huge treat for me! I even make homemade caramel every Christmas I love it so much!

So, when I think caramel I automatically think apples along with it. And this caramel apple yogurt parfait LOOKS like dessert but is filled with so many healthy ingredients that you could totally get away with eating it for breakfast, too! I chose to make a homemade caramel sauce to drizzle over the top but this is totally optional. I included the ingredients and directions in the recipe below but you could skip that part and this yogurt parfait recipe would still be delicious!

Caramel Apple Yogurt Parfait Recipe makes a healthy breakfast idea or a delicious dessert recipe!

Caramel Apple Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Caramel Apple Yogurt Parfait Recipe and #YogurtPerfection with Liberte!

Delicious yogurt parfait recipe that is perfect for breakfast or dessert!

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15 minTotal Time

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  • 1 packed cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup half-and-half
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 containers of Liberte Méditerranée Caramel yogurt
  • 1/2 cup granola
  • 1 apple, chopped


  2. Into a medium sauce pan, combine the brown sugar, butter, half and half and salt.
  3. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly
  4. Cook 5 to 7 minutes or until it starts to thicken
  5. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Stir and let cool
  6. Pour into glass jar and store in refrigerator
  8. Layer into a mason jar or pretty glass container: Yogurt, granola, apples, more yogurt, granola, apples, etc until they are all gone. Top with the last of the apples and a drizzle of homemade caramel sauce if desired.

Liberte yogurt

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If you want to try this yogurt parfait recipe for yourself, don’t forget to download the Liberte coupon before you go shopping! It is good on any of the varieties of Liberte yogurt and I have tried every single one over the  years. (PLEASE let them bring back the Apple Crumble!)  The lemon is by far my all time favorite although the coconut goes perfectly in a tropical smoothie.

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  1. I would like to try the coconut yogurt
  2. Amanda Sakovitz says
    the strawberry looks yummy to me!
  3. I like the Méditerranée Caramel flavor!
  4. I'd love the French Vanilla or the Caramel yogurt topped with granola and fruit.
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    My yogurt perfection looks like Méditerranée Blackberry
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  8. the coconut yogurt
  9. Méditerranée Strawberry sounds great
  10. Oh the Méditerranée Blueberry would be perfect for me! Love blueberries!
  11. I would like to try the blackberry yogurt and mix with granola.
  12. The mediterranee caramel look delicious.
  13. Michelle Levine says
    I would like to try the mango yougert
  14. Margaret Smith says
    I'd love to try the Strawberry and I'd like to add in sliced bananas
  15. My perfection would be the Méditerranée Lemon with some added lemon zest and ginger.
  16. The Mediterranee Caramel sounds great
  17. MY yogurt perfection looks like the Méditerranée Peach and Passion Fruit.
  18. Kelly Kimmell says
    I'd like to try the French Vanilla.
  19. I would like to try the Méditerranée Blackberry.
  20. I would like to try coconut. Coconut has so many health benefits.
  21. Hmm...the Méditerranée Cappuccino looks good!
  22. Erica Barnes says
    French Vanilla or Caramel flavors.
  23. My #YogurtPerfection is the Méditerranée Blueberry
  24. I'd like Méditerranée Blueberry
  25. I would like to try Liberte Yogurt's Méditerranée Blueberry flavor.
  26. The Peach and Passion Fruit sounds good.
  27. Denise Konkel says
    The caramel yogurt..yum
  28. The Méditerranée Blueberry looks good to me!!
  29. I want to try the Méditerranée Strawberry. Love yogurt especially when it contains fruit.
  30. I really love to blend the coconut yogurt into a tropical superfood smoothie!
  31. I like the Méditerranée Strawberry flavor
  32. I like the unusual flavors they have, I want to try the Méditerranée Lemon but I'm really curious about the Cappacino and Caramel one as well. They sound like they would be good by themselves and in smoothies.
  33. Adrienne gordon says
    mine is the caramel flavor
  34. My yogurt perfection would be the Méditerranée Cappuccino!
  35. Brittney House says
    I would love to try the Méditerranée Strawberry.
  36. Anastasia Falling says
    Ooooh that Méditerranée Coconut would be awesome, just by itself. I'd also love to find great recipes like the one you posted too! Yum! :)
  37. I like the Mediterranee Lemon. To me, it's like pudding. I serve it in a glass pudding dish with lemon zest on top.
  38. My perfection is the Méditerranée Coconut with walnuts and dried cranberries! Thanks for the chance!
  39. charlotte baker says
    caramel or coconut
  40. Kimberly Hilbert says
    Méditerranée Blackberry looks really good to me. I eat yogurt with pretzels, but I really don't like to mix yogurt with things like in your dessert.
  41. coconut sounds amazing.
  42. My yogurt perfection looks like Mediterranee Wild Blackberry.
  43. I would like the Méditerranée Caramel layered with chocolate mousse and crushed almonds
  44. the strawberry looks great
  45. richelle bowers says
    Méditerranée French Vanilla with bananas on it
  46. I would like the Méditerranée Cappuccino
  47. The cappuccino yogurt looks divine!
  48. Lemon yogurt mixed with homemade granola!
  49. Danalee Davis says
    Mediterranean caramel looks great!
  50. I think the Méditerranée Caramel sounds awesome. I have seen these in the store but didn't realize how long they had been around because I have only started seeing them in the last couple months.
  51. Kim Keithline says
    The Méditerranée Caramel looks so good
  52. Stephanie Galbraith says
    The Méditerranée Blueberry yogurt looks delicious.
  53. I absolutely love blueberries so that would be great!
  54. Julie Murphy says
    I would like the French Vanilla.
  55. Barbara Montag says
    My yogurt perfection is the Caramel flavor. I'd love to add it to my oatmeal smoothie - oh yum! thank you
  56. JenniferAnne says
    My #yogurtperfection would be the Méditerranée Blueberry with more fresh blueberries in it
  57. My yogurt perfection is any and every one, I love them all, especially with fresh fruit.
  58. My yogurt perfection would be Méditerranée Blackberry straight out of the container!
  59. YUM! The coconut looks great and so does the caramel! kport207 at gmail dot com
  60. I love Lemon yogurt, and live for passionfruit anything, but don't like peach. Such a dilemma. I'd try the Peach Passionfruit, I suppose.
  61. Marilyn Brenden says
    Peach and Passion Fruit for me.
  62. Francine Anchondo says
    I would like to try the strrawberry
  63. Duane Cooper says
    My #yogurtperfection would be the peach and passion fruit flavor in my morning smoothie!
  64. Theresa Smith says
    Mine would be Strawberry, my husbands would be Blueberry.
  65. coconut yogurt
  66. Lauren Olivia Wood says
    My yogurt perfection looks like Méditerranée Cappuccino with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans!
  67. the french vanilla sounds good
  68. The caramel looks very yummy.
  69. Just a lot of blueberries mixed in.
  70. Mendy Dinsmore says
    My yogurt perfection looks like Méditerranée Caramel
  71. Kelly Nicholson says
    looks like Méditerranée Blueberry to me baby..thanks
  72. My #yogurtperfection is French Vanilla yogurt filled with raspberries or blueberries
  73. coconut yogurt is delish
  74. Stephanie Larison says
    I'd like to try the Méditerranée Caramel, yum!
  75. Carolyn Daley says
    I would love to make a parfait by mixing layers of the Méditerranée Cappuccino yogurt and Méditerranée Caramel yogurt together then topping them off with crushed pretzels.
  76. I would add all natural granola to the Méditerranée Blueberry yogurt.
  77. Crystal Sell says
    The Méditerranée Caramel looks absolutely delicious.
  78. Thomas Gibson says
    I would use about three Blackberry yogurts and mix with bananas and almond milk and blend to a wonderful and healthy smoothie.
  79. The Méditerranée Strawberry looks like yogurt perfection!
  80. I'd like the Méditerranée Blueberry and I'd add fresh blueberries
  81. French Vanilla with strawberries & honey on top.
  82. Lesley Tooley says
    The strawberry looks yummy :)
  83. Cappuccino for me, maybe with some nuts mixed in? HAZELNUTS? YUM!
  84. French Vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit.
  85. The Cappuccino looks like my kind of perfection! Yum~
  86. Jayne Garrett (momznite) says
    I think I would enjoy the Liberte Coconut yogurt with fresh pineapple tidbits.
  87. I would like to try the Méditerranée Blueberry.
  88. i bet the Méditerranée Cappuccino yogurt is amazing
  89. My idea of perfection would be the Méditerranée Peach and Passion Fruit.
  90. I would love to try the Méditerranée Blackberry sprinkled with granola
  91. I would try the Méditerranée Strawberry first.
  92. Hollie Jahnke says
    Méditerranée Lemon looks good.
  93. I LOVE blackberries, so I'd have to go for the Méditerranée Blackberry from Liberte. Thanks for a great giveaway!
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    I would really like to try the Méditerranée Blackberry
  95. The caramel flavor, yum!
  96. Ellie Wright says
    I would love to try the Mediterranee Caramel.
  97. I'd like the Méditerranée Blueberry
  98. Yogurt is the best, I've never tried this brand and will be looking for it in the store!
  99. Brenda Elsner says
    I want to try the strawberry and add some fresh strawberres, granola, and whipped cream.
  100. Tammie Venne says
    would love to try Méditerranée Caramel
  101. Although I am intrigued by the cappuccino, I would love to try their blueberry.
  102. I would love to try the strawberry flavor with granola mixed in it!
  103. Dorothy Hubbard says
    The carmel yogurt layed with vanilla wafers.
  104. i would really love to try the Méditerranée Cappuccino, that's is right up my alley!
  105. I would like to try the Méditerranée Blueberry.
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    The cappuccino yogurt looks divine
  107. Charlene Kuser says
    I would love to try the Méditerranée Caramel and I would use it as a topping over granny smith sliced apples.
  108. Thank You for the giveaway…I would use the Méditerranée Blackberry as a topping for angel food cake !
  109. Jennifer Herman says
    I would like the coconut flavor!
  110. Méditerranée Peach and Passion Fruit
  111. I love the Méditerranée Blueberry the best out of all of the flavors.

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