Eco friendly Fabrics for Your Spring Wardrobe

Are you trying to find eco friendly fabrics for your spring wardrobe? Clothes are one of those basic necessities that people just can’t live without. There are so many choices when it comes to fabrics that it can be a bit overwhelming to understand. When you are shopping for your spring wardrobe, here are a few eco friendly fabrics to keep in mind. While the prices may be a bit higher than traditional clothing lines, you usually get much more wear out of a high quality piece of clothing when compared to their cheaply made counterparts. Buy a few key pieces for your wardrobe every year and minimize your carbon footprint!  

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Eco Friendly Fabrics. Best Choices for a Sustainable Closet


Eco Friendly Fabrics for Your Spring Wardrobe

 Looking for organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp clothing and wondering if these materials are actually better for the environment?  Here are some sustainable fabrics to consider when shopping for your low impact closet.  Skip fast fashion and vote for sustainability with your shopping dollars. 

Organic cotton:

Organic cotton is a non-genetically modified crop (non-GMO) meaning the fields it is grown in are more biologically diverse and therefore do not contain harmful substances that may irritate skin. It is also a much safer environment for farmers and laborers to work! It does not look or feel any different than regular cotton clothing but the benefits to you and the environment are great.

Eco Friendly Fabrics for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

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Bamboo fabric is a natural material made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. It is a very fast growing crop. The material made from it is very lightweight but strong and naturally absorbent. Some manufacturers use bleach to whiten the threads but others leave it in its natural state.

The natural antibacterial property of bamboo reduces the survival of odor causing bacteria on your clothes. I have some bamboo active wear that is really standing the test of time!


The fibers produced from hemp are very strong and grow to maturity in about 100 days. Hemp clothes tend to ‘breath’ better than other fabrics due to the porous nature of the fibers and they also offer natural UV protection. Hemp isn’t just great for clothing. You can also find everything from hemp soap to hemp kitchen towels!

Eco Friendly Fabrics. Best Choices for a Sustainable Closet

Recycled fibers: 

Many manufacturers are using recycled plastics to make eco friendly fabrics. They are so soft you would honestly never realized they used to be plastic bottles! You can find all sorts of recycled clothing on Amazon from socks and active wear to some very nice cardigans.

Anything second hand:

Any item of clothing that you buy second hand is an eco friendly fabric. New clothing has a HUGE carbon footprint so save yourself some money and hit the thrift store!

Eco friendly fashion

Choose a Sustainable Closet!

There are a lot of other factors to consider when updating your spring wardrobe. Look for clothes made locally or fabrics that contain only natural dies. Just shopping at your local thrift store is a more eco-friendly choice than buying an item new. Have you ever tried eco friendly fabrics? Want to reduce the carbon footprint of your closet even more? Check out this post about Eco Friendly Fashion.

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  1. We bought some bamboo sheets last Spring and love them. We still stick with warmer ones for the Winter, but it’s about time to break them out again!

  2. We have had some organic cotton shirts and loved them, debated on bamboo towels but haven’t convinced my husband yet. Thrift store… that is my number one shopping place.


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