A Green Blogger and her Ford Escape

This discussion about the Ford Escape has been sponsored. I was allowed to test drive the Ford Escape for a week in order to facilitate my review.

I like to think that I lead a fairly green life but there are definitely areas that could use some improvement in the coming years. My husband and I do not own particularly eco friendly vehicles. Thankfully he takes a vanpool to work and I work from home most days so we don’t burn through a ton of gas. Regardless, my next car purchase is definitely going to be something more environmentally friendly than my 13 year old pickup truck. When I got the chance to check out the new Ford Escape I was excited to see what sort of features it offered. I thought I would share a few of the highlights of my week and give you a bit of insight as to how the Ford Escape can help you lead a greener life!

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ford escape

Let me just say that the moment my shiny Ford Escape was delivered into my driveway I was in love! How did they know I have always wanted a red car? Slipping into the drivers seat was so relaxing! Soft, cushiony seats, dual climate zones, XM radio….I’m sure these are features you can find in a lot of new cars but considering I haven’t had a new car in 13 years I was in awe! The interior is incredibly room and in some models you even have a hands free lift gate in the rear for those days when your arms of full of groceries. Just tap the underside of the rear bumper with your foot while the keys are in your pocket and up it goes! A trip to the grocery store  has never been easier! Don’t forget the reusable bags when you go!

ford escape interior collage2

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Inside the Ford Escape

The Ford Escape offers a number of features that would be appealing to anybody trying to reduce their carbon footprint. The gas mileage is amazing (up to 32 mpg on the highway) and the two EcoBoost engines offer an amazing amount of ‘get up and go’! In this Atlanta area traffic, being able to get up to speed FAST on the highways is extremely important! If you don’t move fast enough you could get run over by an 18 wheeler! Turns were smooth, acceleration was quick and the ride was incredibly quiet (accept for the excited teenagers in the backseat!). Our trip to Whole Foods has never been more enjoyable. Of course, having the XM stereo to play with kept the teenagers happy.

ford escape at whole foods

I am really impressed with the Ford Escape’s ease of handling and comfort but what really made my day was all of the ways that Ford has worked to make this car easier on the environment. A key goal in Ford’s sustainable materials strategy is to find ways to use recycled or renewable materials  instead of nonrenewable virgin material in its vehicles. Here are just a few green features that you will find in the 2014 Ford Escape:

  • Soy-based polyurethane foams used for seat cushions, seatbacks and headliners
  • Wheat straw and other plant fiber-reinforced plastic used for vehicle storage bins and interior door panel
  • Post-industrial yarns made into seat fabrics
  • Post-consumer cotton from blue jeans made into interior padding
  • Post-consumer nylon carpeting made into resin for cylinder head covers

About 85 percent of  the materials used on Ford vehicles by weight are recyclable, and approximately 95 percent of all vehicles retired from use each year are processed for recycling. That is pretty impressive! Researchers and developers are continually looking for new ways to incorporate renewable and post consumer products into the design of not only the Ford Escape but many other Ford models as well. The 2014 Ford F-150 truck uses the equivalent of about 10 pairs of jeans, 26 bath towels or 31 T-shirts as carpet insulation or sound absorber. If you need a lot of towing and hauling capability, the Ford 150 would be a great option. Coming from someone who has had a pickup truck for 13 years, they really are incredibly useful!

ford escape review

I really loved the amount of space in the Ford Escape. As a busy mom, avid gardener, obsessive recycler, and dog owner I have discovered that I need to be able to haul things around. There is plenty of space in back to throw the recycling, a few bags of garden soil, or all the gear a kid would need for a weekend in the woods with the scouts. The Ford Escape is a great balance between the comfort and handling of a car and the hauling capabilities of a truck. This is definitely a car I will be looking into purchasing in the next few years. I have a teenager who will be driving soon (horrifying!) and will be passing on the 13 year old pickup truck to him. I am thinking mom deserves something shiny and red when that happens!

Sustainability, high safety ratings, and amazing comfort definitely make the Ford Escape this green bloggers car of choice!

5 thoughts on “A Green Blogger and her Ford Escape”

  1. Wow! I really like Ford as a company and they do social media really well. I wonder if I could use one of these in the future. I am wedded to my minivan right now but I also know the C-Max is created for some similar family use. I know tons of folks with the Ford F-150. It’s a lovely truck and it gets through most anything Canada can throw at it.

  2. One of our big family vacations was a trip to the Canadian Rockies. We rented a Ford Escape when we were there and we loved it. It is much roomier than it looks and did a great job in the mountains.


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