DIY Mason Bee House to Help Save the Pollinators!

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This DIY mason bee house is my attempt at attracting more pollinators to my yard and providing them a save place to feed and reproduce.  I had never heard the term ‘mason bee’ before, but once I checked them out on Wikipedia I knew what they were.  They are named from their habit of making compartments of mud in their nests, which are made in hollow reeds or holes in wood made by an assortment of bugs.  Basically, instead of hives, like traditional honey bees, mason bees lay their eggs in hollow twigs.  This diy mason bee house was incredibly simple to make with one upcycled tin can and a ton of bamboo we had tossed into the weed pile.  If you don’t have bamboo or any hollow reeds (some dried flower stalks work!), you can use rolled up paper.  Just sit your kids down with a pile of scrap paper and roll it up to form ‘straw like’ structures.  Tuck those inside the can.  Once your diy mason bee house is done, hang it in your garden or wherever you want your pollinators to hang out.  I poked a hole in this bee house with a nail so I could string some twine through it and hang it on the fence post.  You don’t even have to paint the can like I did but I thought it looked pretty and maybe the bright color would attract more mason bees.

 Easy DIY Mason Bee House to Help Save the Pollinators

DIY Mason Bee House


1 empty tin can, label removed and washed.

spray paint in your desired color (optional)

rolls of scrap paper, hollow bamboo stalks, or hollow reeds to put inside

Nail and hammer to make a hole in the can

Twine to hang your  diy mason bee house

 Easy DIY Mason Bee House


Make your rolls of paper or cut your stalks of bamboo/hollow reeds to whatever length is  needed to fit the can

 Easy DIY Mason Bee House

Using a thick nail and hammer, make a hole in the bottom of the can to thread the twine through

 Easy DIY Mason Bee House

Paint the tin can if desired

Thread the twine through the hole and knot the end

 Easy DIY Mason Bee House

Add the hollow structures inside the can, packing as tightly as possible

Hang your mason bee house wherever you want your bees to hang out.

DIY Mason Bee House is a great Earth Day craft or Garden Craft for anyone who wants to attract more pollinators to their yard.

Want to attract even more pollinators to your garden?

  Make this honeybee watering station!

This easy honeybee watering station is an easy garden diy to help save the pollinators!


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  1. What a cute and clever idea. I'm going to visit my nieces this weekend and I think this will be a great spring project for us to do together. I like the yellow color too :)
  2. This is a great idea! My kids love bees and would love to make this with me!
  3. I have read such awful reports about the decrease in number of bees. I love that there's something we can do to help motivate them to come to us.
  4. Jenna Wood says:
    Okay, I've made hummingbird feeders, ant farms and bird houses but this ones new to me. I'll admit, I have a fear of bees, since I am allergic....but this would be cool out in the countryside.
  5. Thi is so cute and creative! I am definitely making some of these for my yard!
  6. Such a wonderful idea, as bees are dying off I heard. Although I don't like bees all in my face (mainly hornets and wasps) they are needed for our environment and so doing this DIY mason bee house would be useful to educate my kids about the importance of bees while having fun!
  7. Amy Desrosiers says:
    Very cute! We did the same thing last year with the watering station and the Mason Bee House we received. hopefully our's fills with bees this year.
  8. I love this so much! It has been warming up here and I am in gardening mode- maybe a bit to early :) but planing what I am going to grow and wanting more bees to find us. Do you have a suggestion about if this should be in the shade or sun? Thanks!
  9. Edith Davey says:
    Mason bees and leaf cutter bees do not sting nor will they defend their nests. Don't worry about getting stung. It won't happen with these species.
  10. This is a wonderful project to do with my daughter. We are preparing to put together our pollinator garden and this will be a wonderful addition.
  11. Kayley Ann Pugh says:
    Hi there! I'd like to use the photos and craft description in a manual I am creating for my summer day camp! Please let me know ASAP if this is okay! :) If you email me, I can send you more information about the day camp and our program.

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