Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy’s #MacysEvents

This fashion post was sponsored by Macy’s and SheSpeaks but all opinions expressed here are my own.

When I was growing up, my mom was always on one diet or another. She drank a lot of diet soda and ate a lot of celery. But, she also ate too much chocolate and liked to spend too much time reading instead of exercising. Thus, she was always in a constant battle against her weight…never as thin as she wanted to be but not quite able to do anything about it. She NEVER invested money in nice clothes because her weight was always fluctuating so much. Clothes may fit this month but not next year so why spend the money, right? I think she did a huge disservice to her self confidence by wearing clothes that didn’t make her feel attractive. Times are changing when it comes to plus sized fashion. Once upon a time the full figured woman had to hide in baggie pants and loose shirts but nowadays there are many new styles that accentuate a curvy body. I got the chance to watch a few full figured women absolutely ROCK the runway at Macy’s last weekend and let me tell you that they were gorgeous in Macy’s new fall fashion styles!

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Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy's #MacysEvents

A few years ago when you heard the word ‘model’ you thought of some anorexic looking stick figure wearing clothes that I wouldn’t be able to get over one leg….and I am not even considered overweight! Nowadays there is a trend (thankfully!) towards more realistic looking models. Models who actually LOOK like your average woman are starting to make an appearance on the runway! Our host for the Macy’s Fall Fashion event last week was Emme, the world’s first plus-size supermodel! For more than two decades, Emme has been a leading voice and face in the fashion industry and a globally recognized advocate for positive body image and self esteem.

Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy's #MacysEvents

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Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy's #MacysEvents

The Macy’s Fall Fashion Show featured a number of hot styles for the coming months. Long cardigans are in this year as well as leggings and soft pants. Emme talked about ‘highs and lows’ both literally (like a shirt with a short front with longer back) and figuratively (scuffed up jeans with a dressy shirt and heals). Cropped boots with a little bling and a high heel will be in, along with fashionably short skirts and cropped jackets.

Full Figured Fall Fashion Trends

Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy's #MacysEvents
Photo Courtesy of Macy’s and SheSpeaks

As with just about all fashion styles, accessories can really make your outfit pop! The models all showed off some adorable bags and clutches, as well as necklaces, jewelry and shoes. The same outfit can be worn for a casual event or something a little fancier just by switching out the accessories you wear it with!

Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy's #MacysEvents

Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy's #MacysEvents

Following the fashion show, there was a panel discussion with Emme and SheSpeaks blogger Joyce Brewer from Mommy Talk Show on how to put all the latest fashion trends together. They also shared a few health tips, discussed positive body image and shared a few fashion tips for all sizes and ages!

 Full figured fashion styles hit the runway at Macy's #MacysEvents

I have never really had to battle my weight, other than that 10 pounds of baby weight I am still carrying even though I have teens. I can’t say I know how it feels to walk into a store and have to shop in a totally different section than my friends. I do know that when I walk into a lingerie store and find only 3 bras to fit my barely A boobs I get annoyed enough! I did leave this fashion event with one key message:  Everyone has something about their body that they don’t like. Whether it is a rear end that is too big or boobs that are too small, all women are self conscious about how they look. But, we should not let our insecurities about body image force us into hiding behind frumpy clothes. Get out there and try on a few clothes that are maybe outside your fashion comfort zone. Buy some key pieces to spruce up your wardrobe this fall that will give you the confidence you need to hold your head high as you walk down the street. Frumpy clothes make women FEEL frumpy on the inside. And that is not good for anybody’s self esteem!

If you want to learn more about upcoming fall fashion just head over to Macy’s. I encourage you to also check out EmmeNation for more about Emme and positive body image!

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