The Fresh Egg Cookbook

I received a copy of The Fresh Egg Cookbook for this review but all opinions are my own.

A couple of years ago I started buying my eggs from a local farmer and was truly amazed at the difference between those eggs and the ones I had been buying at the grocery store. And considering I was buying expensive organic and cage-free eggs, I really didn’t expect quite the huge difference but boy was I wrong! I will never go back to store bought again as long as my local farmer keeps supplying them. Since current legislation says I need 3 acres to own a chicken (which I don’t have!) I can’t own my own. In winter, eggs are sometimes a bit scarce but once spring and summer roll around I usually have several dozen in my fridge just waiting to be used! This cookbook from Storey Publishing was the perfect addition to my kitchen library!

The Fresh Egg Cookbook

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Subtitle:  From Chicken to Kitchen, Recipes for Using Eggs from Farmers’ Markets, Local Farms, and Your Own Backyard
Author:  Jennifer Trainer Thompson
Publisher:  Storey Publishing, LLC (January 31, 2012)
ISBN:  978-1-60342-978-8
Format/Length:  paperback 192 pages

From the Publisher:

Fresh-from-the-chicken eggs are increasingly available everywhere, offering great nutrition and unbeatable flavor. Whether you’re collecting your eggs from a backyard coop or buying them at farmers’ markets and local farms, Jennifer Trainer Thompson has 101 delicious recipes to help you make the most of them. She includes a wealth of breakfast favorites with new twists, from the perfect soft-boiled egg to French toast, omelets, eggs Florentine, and huevos rancheros. Fresh eggs shine in classic dishes such as Caesar salad, spaghetti carbonara, eggnog recipes , deviled eggs, and homemade mayonnaise. And you’ll love Thompson’s creative recipes for every meal of the day, from smoothies and appetizers to casseroles and stews.

About the Author:

Jennifer Trainer Thompson is the author of numerous cookbooks, including Hot Sauce and The Fresh Egg Cookbook. She has been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine and has written for Yankee, Travel & Leisure, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and other publications. Thompson is the chef/creator of Jump Up and Kiss Me, an all-natural line of spicy foods. She lives in western Massachusetts with her family and a flock of backyard chickens.

The Fresh Egg Cookbook review:

This book is a little bit chicken encyclopedia and a little bit cookbook. It contains a mix of information on how to raise your own chickens and recipes that range from the very basic to slightly more complicated. The first chapter or 2 includes information on how and why to raise your own chickens, differences between store bought and farm-raised eggs, and technical info on breed selection. The recipes range from extremely simple things like making a hard boiled egg all the way to souffles. They are separated into general categories like breakfast, lunch, vegetarian dishes, desserts, etc. Interspersed throughout the recipes are several colorfull photographs, not only of the dishes themselves but also of the author and her family with their own chickens.
Overall, I thought this was a really great book, providing enough information to educate the reader about owning chickens and offering a wide variety of ways to use the abundance of eggs. I liked that the recipes included a wide variety of dishes since eggs for breakfast can get a bit tiresome after a while.
Throughout the recipes, there are tidbits of information about chicken raising that I really love but I think it would be easier to find and refer back to if all of it were in the front with the rest of the ‘animal husbandry’ information. Planning the location of the coop, the chicken FAQ, etc might be best all separated out from the recipes themselves.
Other than that one issue, I thought this was a wonderful resource for anyone who is planning to raise their own chickens or if you just really love eggs!
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