Golf Ball Lady Bug Craft and an Upcycled Garden Craft Roundup

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When my son was younger, he was one of those kids that picked up EVERYTHING he found. He would come home from the park with 7 acorns, 4 rocks and a pine cone stuck in his pocket. We would go for a walk and come home with an assortment of what we called ‘little things’ that he had discovered on the ground. For some reason, golf balls were a common find on our journeys. I have no idea why…we don’t live near a golf course! But, whatever was too big to go in his pocket (and end up in the washing machine) went onto a shelf in the garage. Years later, I am still finding an assortment of things from his younger, foraging days. I decided that the golf balls he has so carefully saved were now going to be part of a golf ball lady bug craft for my garden. There are dozens of ways to upcycle everyday objects into your garden. Check out my Upcycled Garden Craft Roundup on Mode for some ideas and then keep reading for directions for my golf ball lady bug craft.

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by Diane Emery Hoffmaster at Mode

This golf ball lady bug craft is incredibly easy to make. All you need is red spray paint,  a black paint pen or permanent marker, and a couple of googly eyes to glue on. You could paint the eyes on with a white paint pen if you wanted but I thought the googly eyes were easier. Once your golf ball lady bug is finished, just find a cute place in the garden to put her! If you live near a golf course, you could easily make dozens of these cute little upcycled garden decorations and have a whole golf ball lady bug invasion!

Golf Ball Lady Bug Craft Makes Very Pretty Upcycled Garden Decor!

Golf Ball Lady Bug Craft


old golf balls
red spray paint
googly eyes
hot glue gun
black permanent marker or paint pen


Easy Garden Craft Golf Ball Lady Bug


Place the golf ball on the newspaper and spray with red spray paint
Let dry. Repeat if you need a second coat of paint
Using the black marker or paint pen, draw the lady bug markings as show. A stripe down the middle, three or four spots on each top/side, and a ‘face’ on the front.
Once the black paint is dry, hot glue the googly eyes on the front of the lady bug’s face
Now that your golf ball lady bug is finished, find a nice home for her in the garden!

Let me know if you try this golf ball lady bug craft at home!

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