Green Career Guide: 6 Sustainability Initiatives To Look For in an Employer

This Green Career Guide and information on Sustainability Initiatives is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Cox Enterprises. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

In two weeks, my son will be graduating from high school. He will be headed off to college for a degree in plant biology. Or, at least, that is the plan today. Who knows how the next four years will pan out! As is the case with most moms, I have plenty of advice to give him. Tips on surviving college life and how to stay healthy while also eating pizza at 3 AM. How to ace your college classes. And even what to look for in a prospective employer after graduation. When I was approached by Cox Enterprises to write a post about what sorts of programs environmentally-conscious millennials should look for in an employer, I was excited to share my ideas. Maybe in a few years, my teen will check out this list of sustainability initiatives in the workplace before he starts sending out resumes!

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Green Career Guide. Sustainability Initiatives to look for in a future employer

Why You Should Look for Green Jobs

Climate change is a very real problem in today’s society. We, as a society, are creating too much trash, polluting our air and water, and depleting the nation’s natural resources. These actions will have a very real impact on future generations. While the challenges are steep when it comes to our environment, they are not insurmountable. If each individual and every business made just a few small changes in their daily actions, we could make a huge difference in the world around us.

Green jobs not only give individuals a sense of accomplishment but they encourage more business to get on board with sustainability initiatives in the work place. Employers are more likely to go green if employees support those changes and get involved. Environmentally conscious businesses will help us

  • reduce the need for energy and raw materials
  • reduce  greenhouse emissions
  • minimize waste and pollution
  • restore the ecosystem through corporate donations or volunteer initiatives

Eco Friendly Careers

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Green Career Guide: 6 Sustainability Initiatives to Look For

When you are looking for green jobs, there are numerous factors to consider. Hopefully, this green career guide will aid you in your search! Look for a few of these examples of sustainability in business as you send out your resume:

  1. Company wide recycling:  At a bare minimum, there should be a company wide recycling program available. That includes everything from printer paper and cartridges to soda bottles in the lunch room.
  2. Green commuter programs:  Many employers are now allowing their employees to work from home one day a week. There may also be a company wide ride share program or vanpool.
  3. Green office supplies:  Companies purchase a LOT of products. Look for one that uses recycled paper, green cleaning products, and other sustainable products.
  4. Utility conservation programs:  Look for a company that strives to reduce it’s usage of fossil fuels and water. This could be a simple note on a light switch to turn it off to a grey water sprinkler system for landscaping plants.
  5. Eco friendly corporate donations and volunteer programs:  I firmly believe that every individual and every business should give back to a cause. Choose a green job that offers a percentage of profits or yearly donation to an environmental cause. Green volunteer options for employees to participate in are also great sustainability initiatives to look for.
  6. Sustainable technology programs: Sustainable technology programs like solar panels and wind turbines are right at the top of my green career guide! Many manufacturing plants are starting to understand that their investment in this technology will save them money while reducing their carbon footprint!

Solar Panels

Cox Enterprises Solar Energy Project

If you are looking for green jobs, you may want to check out Cox Enterprises. They are a leading communications, media, an automotive services company with a passion for solar. They understand that what is good for the environment is also good for their bottom line! So far, they have completed 30 solar projects in the past decade. They even have a whole team of people dedicated to these sustainability initiatives called the Cox Cleantech team!

Cox Conserves Green Career Guide

On May 3rd, the Cox Conserves team announced the opening of four new solar farms across Georgia and Florida as part of the Southeast Solar Farm Fund. Combined, the four locations will produce enough  electricity to power 2,200 homes annually. The energy produced prevents 13,850 tons of carbon from entering the environment each year, the equivalent of removing nearly 3,300 cars from the road per year. 

Cox Conserves and Cox Cleantech teams are looking for similar, and even larger, opportunities to install solar to help them achieve the goal of being carbon-neutral by 2044. This is a company that strives for sustainability in the workplace and is one that I would definitely investigate as a potential employer!

To learn more about the Southeast Solar Farm Fund, please visit Cox Conserves

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