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Several years ago, my husband decided to take up running. Off he went every day to conquer the hills of our neighborhood and the trails of our local parks. He had a wonderful time, felt better than he had ever felt before and started running more. Soon, he decided he needed a bit more of a challenge then just yet another run through our hilly neighborhood and he started running marathons. He talked about his running with friends, coworkers and family members. Soon, he managed to get several people in his department at work to start running. 2 years ago a group of 4 or 5 of them went to Disney to run the marathon down in Florida. He had created a community of friends and employees dedicated to getting healthier one step at a time. He was recognized last year by his employer with an award for inspiring healthy living in the work place. I am proud of him for his dedication, even while I struggle to understand his love of running!

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Building a Healthy Community

Living a healthy life is not always easy. It’s hard to find time to exercise, eat healthy, and take care of our physical and emotional well being. However, healthy living is easier if you have someone who supports your efforts. The buddy system really works! There are people in every city that are striving to build a healthy community one step at a time. People who run farmer’s markets or volunteer at marathons. Doctors who volunteer at community clinics and so many other amazing individuals dedicated to creating a healthy community for their friends, families and even complete strangers.

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People who are working hard to build a healthy community really should be recognized for their efforts. In an effort to recognize these amazing individuals, Health Mart pharmacists are awarding $50,000 in grants to community health non-profit organizations. If you would like to enter this contest, just share your story about the good deed you or someone you know has done. You could win the right to select the non-profit organization of your choice to receive thousands of dollars to continue critically important work for the health of the community. Health Mart’s Champions of Care Challenge reward those unsung local heroes whose everyday actions have built a healthy community.

Here’s How It Works:

Visit  TODAY to nominate someone or even yourself for the Champions of Care Challenge from Health Mart!
Starting on March 17th, the public will have two weeks to vote for their favorite Champions of Care. What could you possibly win from this challenge?

  • A $30,000 grant chosen by the grand prize winner
  • A $3,000 grant chosen by the 2nd place winner
  • A $2,000 grant chosen by the 3rd place winner
  • $1,000 grants chosen by each of 15 finalists

Building a healthy community cannot be accomplished by only ONE individual but there are certain people who go above and beyond when it comes to improving the health of the people around them. I hope you consider nominating that person in Health Mart’s Champions of Care Challenge! If you would like to learn more about it you can follow Health Mart on Facebook!

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7 thoughts on “Healthy Community Support with the Champions of Care Challenge! #HealthMartCares #ad”

  1. I really want to have a desire to run….but normally I only run if one of my children is in imminent danger. I totally agree that we should recognize those who make an effort to build healthy communities!

  2. I really miss running. I used to do a lot of 5Ks until my knee gave out. I need to work up the courage to try again. The Champions of Care Challenge looks like a great campaign!


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