Hotels in Savannah and Kid Friendly Things to Do There!

This post about hotels in Savannah and kid friendly things to do there has been sponsored. I received a discounted stay at the Riverstreet Inn during my travel in exchange for this post.

Over the summer my family and I decided it was time for a family vacation. We don’t get to travel together very often due to both time and finances so we wanted to find someplace fun that the kids would really enjoy. Of course, we also wanted it to be relatively local so we didn’t have to fly! Our last trip to Savannah was about 12 years ago and we had such fond memories that we wanted to do it again. This time we would be going with teenagers and really wanted to find some fun places to explore.

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Hotels in Savannah: The Riverstreet Inn

I really enjoy being in the heart of the city so when I was looking at hotels in Savannah, The Riverstreet Inn really caught my attention. The River Street Inn is located right in Savannah’s Landmark district and is a wonderful blend of historical charm and modern amenities. It overlooks the Savannah River and is within easy walking distance to an assortment of Historic District tours, attractions, museums, antiques shops, souvenir shops, river cruises and restaurants. What you can’t see in the photo is that the entrance is actually in the MIDDLE of the hotel. There is a magnificent central staircase that goes all the way down to the river level. It is truly an amazing feature to this hotel!

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Our room was quite comfortable and depending on your needs and budget they have a wide range of rooms to choose from. We don’t usually spend a lot of time in the hotel when we are traveling but there are a few key features I really wanted when I was researching hotels in Savannah. Number one feature was someplace to relax, have a few snacks and spend time together outside of the room and we found that in The Riverstreet Inn. They have a complimentary Guest Reception Monday through Saturday from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm. The guest reception includes a selection of wine, champagne and hors d’oeuvres along with complimentary use of the Fitness Center with professional-grade cardio equipment.

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The all time BEST feature of the guest reception? The full sized pool table! We spent hours during our stay sipping wine, having snacks and playing pool. It was a wonderful transition between daytime fun and evening activities. If you are not much of a pool player there is also a TV with cable to entertain smaller children and a few decks of cards. Just someplace nice to relax that gets you out of the hotel room but you can still relax and enjoy yourselves. Definitely a very popular part of our stay!

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The view from the hotel is amazing. Our room looked right out over the water and some of the ships that went by were amazing…I have no idea how they managed to navigate that narrow waterway but the kids loved watching them out the window!

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If you are looking for things to do in Savannah outside of playing pool and enjoying your hotel you will find plenty to keep you busy here in the heart of the city! We loved the unique feel to The Riverwalk and went down there every evening to people watch and indulge in a few sweets. If you are not familiar with the area you may not realize that one of the most delicious treats of all time can be found here at River Street Sweets:  the praline! And that is NOT pronounce PRAY-leen! It is a PRAW-leen and it is a melt in your mouth delicious creation made with cream, butter, sugar & fresh Georgia pecans. Definitely recommend you walk down and check them out!

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Once you are down by the water, make sure you check out all the shops! There is an eclectic variety of items to purchase, from mainstream mass marketed stuff to some really unique hand made items from local artisans. Honestly, we could have spent hours just browsing through the shops but of course, children are impatient and even teenagers don’t want to shop all day! We decided to catch a dolphin tour with Dolphin Magic and you can buy your ticket and pick up your boat right there on the River Walk. Dress in something that can get a little damp and be prepared for some amazing views of the dolphins. I went whale watching once and didn’t see a single whale. On this dolphin tour I saw DOZENS of dolphins! The kids were amazed and honestly, my husband and I were too!

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Savannah is an area that is rich with history and you  cannot go for a visit without learning at least a few key things about the area. I won’t get into the history of Savannah but if you are interested go check out Suffice it to say that you should definitely splurge on a guided tour of the area. We chose to go by open air bus, mainly so I didn’t have to listen to the kids complain about having to walk in the heat. The old homes are beautiful and the churches made me just want to kneel and pray for a while! Honestly gorgeous!


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Definitely take a wander through the cemeteries while you are there. Slightly creepy but very educational and interesting! Savannah is supposedly the most haunted city in the US so take a ghost tour if you have older kids! The stories by the tour leader were captivating! You can choose to do a walking tour by day or a bus tour by night, depending on the tour group you choose. Just ask what age they are appropriate for…some of the stories of murder and mayhem are probably not suitable for little ears!

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Of course, we couldn’t go to Savannah and not visit Tybee Island. Tybee Island is only a short drive (about 30 minutes) and you will find amazing beaches, an abundance of seafood restaurants and some beautiful sights. We enjoyed eating an early dinner and then spending a couple of hours at the beach. No crowds and the heat of the day was beginning to wane. The kids all time favorite restaurant was The Crab Shack. It is a bit of a tourist thing…you can feed alligators, sit right on the water, and indulge in large amounts of fairly decent seafood. Definitely will be going back next time we are in Savannah.

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Honestly, we had such an amazing time on our trip to Savannah that I would love to go back again next year. There are so many amazing seafood restaurants to eat at and my kids never get enough time at the beach. One thing for sure, if I do get back to Savannah we will definitely be staying at The Riverstreet Inn. The friendly staff, convenient location and unique style and amenities made it a wonderful experience. If you ever get a chance to travel to Savannah I hope you give them a try!

This post about hotels in Savannah and kid friendly things to do there has been sponsored. I received a discounted stay at the Riverstreet Inn during my travel in exchange for this post.

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