Eco Conscious Clothing Choices and Staying Warm with Horny Toad

This post about eco conscious clothing choices was inspired by a product I received from Horny Toad at no charge but all opinions expressed are my own.

With the weather finally staying cool most days here in the south, I can finally start setting aside the tank tops and shorts and taking inventory of my fall clothing. While I don’t buy a new wardrobe every season, I find that I usually need to invest in one or two things to round out the closet. I try to make it a “one in, one out” sort of system…find one item that needs replacing and when I buy something new, the old one goes to Goodwill. Helps me keep on top of the clutter and chaos of a not quite big enough closet. Of course, is a girls’ closet every REALLY big enough? I think not! I try to make smart decisions when I shop to minimize the impact that my love of clothes has on the environment. Does this mean I am living in only organic cotton hand woven by local craftspeople? No, unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money. I wish I did! But, there are ways that you can minimize the carbon footprint of your purchases even while indulging in your love of new fashion finds. Here are a few tips to keep your wardrobe hip, your wallet full, and your impact on the world around you to a minimum.

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eco conscious clothing

Eco Conscious Clothing Choices

1. Consider buying second hand:  There are a lot of great consignment sales with some really nice clothes selling for a fraction of their original cost. Consider donating some of your own fashion castoffs either to a consignment sale to be sold or make a donation to a local thrift store.

2. Buy things that are versatile: Do you love those sexy red pumps? Probably. Are you going to be able to wear them with more than one or two outfits? Probably not. Make every purchase count and choose things you can mix or match. Creating more than one outfit with just a few items of clothing will help keep your closet free of clutter and your credit card will thank you.

3. Less is more: This goes right along with buying things that are versatile. Ask yourself if you really need another t shirt before plopping down your credit card. There is only so much space in the closet and so much space in the landfill when those t shirts become trash.

4. Buy as local as possible:  This can be really hard to do but look at the label in your next clothing purchase. Where was it made? Most of our mass produced clothing is made overseas by people who are barely paid anything for the backbreaking work that they do. It is hard to find a tag that says Made in the USA any more but whenever possible, choose that item over one made overseas.

5. Choose natural fibers: You may have to search online or in a few smaller clothing stores but you CAN find eco friendly clothing made with natural fibers. Traditionally grown cotton is one of the most pesticide heavy crops grown on our planet. That pesticide reside stays in the cotton when it turns into your next t shirt. Combine those pesticides with chemical based dyes and you have a mass produced department store t shirt. If you are diligent in your searching, however, you will find a few eco conscious clothing choices made from things like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and natural animal fibers.


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One item I was in desperate need of this fall was a new hoodie. I LIVE in hoodies throughout the fall and winter so I can save on heating expenses. Even here in Georgia it can get pretty chilly and I am naturally cold natured. My husband picks on me all the time because I grew up in the North yet I have no tolerance for being cold inside. My normal wardrobe is a hoodie and fuzzy slippers and if you could see the battered and torn thing I wear most days I would be embarrassed! So, when I was approached by Horny Toad to review something from their fall line, I was thrilled to see that they not only had some really attractive hoodies but also one that came in a natural fiber.

The Horny Toad Heartfelt Women’s Hoodie is made from a combination of lambswool and angora with a tiny amount of nylon to increase the longevity of the fabric. It has a dense, warm feel to the fabric but is light weight enough to not feel heavy when you put it on. It has a loose hood, pockets, and is 32 inches in length. It is styled sort of like a wrap with no zippers or buttons, just a generous amount of fabric so you can wrap it around your body. It comes in several different color patterns to fit your personal style. In addition to the clothing with natural fiber,  they also offer a whole section of eco friendly clothing and another of just organic items.

eco conscious clothing from hornytoad

I absolutely love this wrap style hoodie and am so happy to see Horny Toad offering eco conscious clothing options. It is amazingly versatile and can easily go with nice jeans and fancy boots for a casual yet elegant look or your favorite pair of yoga pants for sitting in your favorite chair and reading. I have been wearing this blanket hoodie for weeks and honestly, I may not take it off for the rest of the winter! I thought I would miss the lack of ‘closures’ on it but honestly it is roomy enough to wrap around me and stay in place. At first when I put it on I didn’t think that the material was as soft as something like fleece or cotton but after only a few wears it is now incredibly soft to the touch. I usually wear a medium but the PR person assured me that they run a little on the big side and given my height and build I should get a small. I am SO glad she recommended that! I have a long torso and long arms and even the small is plenty long enough! It covers me to mid hand and mid thigh easily. Please make sure you wash and dry with care…this is not something you want to throw in the dryer unless you don’t want to wear it again!

If you are looking for eco conscious clothing choices or just need a really attractive and cozy way to stay warm this fall I really recommend you check out this blanket hoodie from Horny Toad!

 Do you have any eco conscious clothing sitting in your closet?


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  1. I’m in a constant battle with my closet! I give away clothes all the time and try to buy used as much as possible. The more I learn about toxic chemicals used in the clothing process the less I want to buy new! Thanks and I’ll have to check out HornyToad, I’ve heard good things.


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