How to Reduce Digital Eye Strain and Improve Eye Health

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As a blogger, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I also spend quite a bit of time on my phone while I am on the go, and on my iPad reading during my down time. As a result, my eyes are often incredibly tired by the end of the day. 

We are a very digital society and it is incredibly hard to stay away from screens completely. It is important to learn how to reduce digital eye strain to improve eye health. I thought I would share a few tips that might help, including information about an exciting new product, Swanson Health Vision Defense.

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Digital Eye Strain

How to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Have issues with your eyes? See an eye doctor first. They can give you an eye exam and talk to you about options for preventing and/or treating computer-related vision problems. Once you have seen an eye care professional, try a few of these eye care tips:

  • Use proper lighting. Move your computer to an area that is well lit in order to reduce eye strain from digital devices.
  • Minimize glare. Buy a detachable computer screen cover that goes over your computer monitor. It will cut down on the damaging blue light that many computer screens emit.
  • Upgrade your screens. Older screens are not as good at protecting our eyes as some of the newer models. If you were considering an upgrade, it may improve eye health.
  • Blink more often. Blinking helps generate moisture which can in turn protect your eyes. Consciously try to blink more often to help protect your eyes.
  • Exercise your eyes.  Just like our bodies, eyes benefit from exercise! Try taking a break from your screen to do a few eye exercises occasionally.
  • Take frequent breaks. Sitting is the new smoking and staring at a computer for hours is equally unhealthy. Set a timer and walk away regularly for a few minutes of screen-free time.
  • Eat foods that improve eye health.  Did you know that there are Foods that Promote Eye Health? These include things like green leafy veggies, carrots, salmon, and certain nuts and citrus fruits.
  • Take a supplement to improve eye health.  Just like there are supplements for your body’s health, there are also supplements for eye health. If you are wondering how to reduce digital eye strain, the Swanson Health Vision Defense supplement may be a great addition to your daily supplement routine.

How to Reduce Digital Eye Strain and Swanson Eye Health Supplement

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Improve Eye Health with Swanson Health Vision Defense

Swanson Health Vision Defense is a new supplement that contains lutein and zeaxanthin. It helps fight the negative effects of blue light exposure from digital devices. Blue light refers to short wavelength, high energy light rays emitted by most digital screens.

The physical properties of blue light make it more likely to negatively impact the health of your eyes, specifically, the retinas. Learning how to reduce digital eye strain means both blocking this blue light AND giving your eyes the right nutrition to heal themselves.

Check out these important facts about Blue Light and Eye Health and if eye health is important to you, read my post about how to choose the best sunglasses for healthy eyes.

Healthy Eye The more time you spend staring at your smartphone, computer, or TV screen the more blue light you’re exposed to. The more blue light, the more possible damage. Swanson Health Vision Defense can help.

Their breakthrough formula delivers a combination of nutrients and antioxidants that support healthy retinas so your eyes can stay comfortable. If you want to protect your eye health, this is a great place to start!


Swanson Vision Health Supplement

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