How to Save on Medical Expenses and SingleCare Card Benefits

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In my nonblogging life, I have a background in the healthcare field. I have worked in hospitals and the pharmacy and gotten to know a lot of people with serious health conditions. The one thing they all want to know is how to save on medical expenses.

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to that question. I wish there was. Medical expenses can cripple the family budget and leave people struggling to pay their medical bills along with their mortgage. One thing I HAVE learned, however, is that there are ways to minimize medical expenses to make the financial burden a little bit easier. 

Iwanted to share a few ways to save on medical bills, as well as some great services offered by SingleCare that may help.

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How to Save on Medical Expenses

How to Save on Medical Expenses

Cutting your medical expenses isn’t easy and will have to be attacked from several different angles. Here are a few ways to save on your medical bills that might help:

Choose the right providers:

If you have insurance, make sure you check ahead of time that your medical professional is in network. Out-of-network doctors will cost you a fortune. If you DON’T have insurance, call around and get some quotes from different physicians. All doctors do not charge the same for their services.

Make sure you know ahead of time what they will be charging you. If you know that you need a specific service, get a quote for that specifically. Let them know if you will be paying in cash. Many providers offer a discount for individuals who pay in full with cash at the time of service.

Another great option is to check out the SingleCare website for information on their video doctor calls. This will save you a ton of money when compared to showing up at the ER with no insurance!


Saving money on Prescriptions with a SingleCare card

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Cut Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription prices have skyrocketed in the last 10 years. Ask your doctor to write a prescription for a generic medication if possible. You should also ask if they have samples available. Many drug reps leave samples at the doctor’s office for dispensing to patients.

Check pricing at various pharmacies if you are paying in cash. The great part about SingleCare is that when you look up a prescription, you can see which of their partnered pharmacies have pricing available and compare what each offers.

A SingleCare card can save you up to 80% in some cases on prescription drug costs. Often, the price for a medication with a SingleCare card is less than it would be with your own insurance. I love that they have a prescription payment plan!

They have a new program that allows you to pay for your prescription over a period of 4, 8 or 12 weeks. You can find out if your prescription is included by going to the SingleCare website, searching for your drug, and then clicking on “Coupon + financing” for the pharmacy of your choice.

Saving money on medical bills

Watch For Billing Errors

I am a member of a large, popular HMO. While I generally love the service I receive, their billing leaves something to be desired. I regularly receive bills for things that I KNOW I do not have to pay. And it sometimes takes months before that gets straightened out. Know your insurance and exactly what type of benefits you receive.

Check every bill that shows up before you pay it. Make sure they send you an itemized bill detailing your expenses. If you have questions, ask someone. Don’t just assume that their accounting department is right. They are often overworked and don’t pay enough attention to detail. If you use SingleCare, payment is simple.

There are no hidden fees or premiums, you just pay for your medical appointment or your prescription if one is needed.

SingleCare Benefits

Compare prices for Insurance versus Service

For services like dental and vision care, you may have to pay extra with your insurance provider for coverage. Before you do this, call local providers and get quotes for comparison. Before you sign up, check out the SingleCare Vision and Dental benefits.

Their prices for local providers may be significantly cheaper than what you are paying in supplemental insurance through your workplace.

SingleCare offers savings on crowns, implants, and even braces! Wish I had known that before my kids both finished their orthodontic work! Their website makes it easy to find pricing information and they cover a wide range of outpatient dental services.

Just search for your symptoms or the reason for your visit. Then, you’ll see pricing at SingleCare providers in your area. Not making tons of phone calls, which I think is really helpful. I love that you can even book your appointment online!


How to Save on Medical Expenses and SingleCare Card Benefits

Manage Existing Medical Bills Wisely

Sometimes, medical bills become overwhelming. Knowing how to save on medical expenses is helpful but what if you can’t afford the bills you already have? Here are a few tips that might help:

  • Negotiate with your doctor’s office. If you are already drowning in medical debt, let your doctor know. They may be willing to reduce the cost of your service to help. Healthcare is very competitive nowadays and there is an increased desire to retain patients. One way they do this is by lowering prices.
  • Create a payment plan. Just because the bill says you own $5000 doesn’t mean you need to pay it all at once. Talk to the office billing staff about creating a payment plan to tackle your bill in small amounts.
  • Establish a health savings account.  Putting pretax dollars away for medical costs may save you money in the long run. It is also a forced savings plan dedicated only to your medical expenses. Talk to your employer to see if they offer one.

Remember, if you use SingleCare, you have the option of creating a prescription payment plan to help you manage that aspect of your medical bills more easily.

SingleCare Card Benefits

If you are wondering how to save on medical costs, SingleCare may be able to help. Their services range from reduced prescription prices and video doctor visits to reduced costs on dental and vision care. Sign up for a FREE SingleCare card and start saving money on medical expenses right away. 

There are also no ongoing fees or premiums to worry about. And remember, a lot of people who use SingleCare also have insurance. You may find that prescriptions cost LESS at your local pharmacy with SingleCare compared to your insurance.

SingleCare Card

SingleCare Benefits Include

  • Up to 80%* off your prescriptions
  • Save up to 55% on dental visits
  • Access to 200,000 providers nationwide
  • Price estimation tools
  • A free account with no membership fees

SingleCare is free to join and you can save money when filing your prescription using a SingleCare card. Visiting a SingleCare dentist, optometrist, or having an online doctor visit may also be significantly less expensive.

Their pharmacy savings card is accepted at several major pharmacies, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Kroger. I live right near all of those, making this service incredibly convenient!

And, to make your life even easier, they’ve designed the SingleCare app to offer you these great savings on the go!   Have any other tips on how to save on medical expenses?

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How to Save on Medical Expenses

How to save on medical expenses and the SingleCare Card Benefits that might help



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