Incorporating Nature Made Vitamins into a Healthy Lifestyle #spon

If you have been following my blog for the last few months, you will have noticed a few posts about healthy living and my becoming a Nature Made Ambassador. I was given the chance to visit the Nature Made vitamins headquarters out in California and spent 2 days learning all about the new Nature Made Vitamelts. While I was there, I also got the chance to visit the Nature Made packaging facility and speak with the scientists who are actively researching the science of vitamins. As a scientist myself, I was really impressed with the quality of work that goes into the production of the Nature Made vitamins. I spent years doing cancer research in a laboratory and am currently working in the healthcare industry in my ‘non blog life’. I take comfort in knowing that Nature Made will not make any claim that isn’t backed by scientific proof. With so many fad diets and nutrition claims, people should understand that PROOF is more important than hype! So much work went into the production of the new Nature Made Vitamelts line to make it delicious, portable, and easy to take.

So, what else did I learn about vitamins over the course of my Nature Made Ambassadorship? I learned that I need to be better about finding creative ways to remind myself to take them! As a busy mom with 2 jobs and 2 kids I find myself running out the door, granola bar in hand, having forgotten yet again to take my vitamins. While vitamins cannot replace healthy eating, they do fill in the gaps in our diet when it comes to the nutrients we need. I have found a few creative ways to remember to take my vitamins, some of which I have implemented already.

1. Put a note on the cabinet!  I have my vitamins in a cabinet by the sink and while I certainly SEE that cabinet every single morning, I often ignore it in my haste to get things done. Put up a sign that catches your eye that reminds you to stop for one second and take those vitamins!

2. Add it to your to do list:  Put healthy things like taking your vitamins, going for a walk, or even drinking a glass of water on your to do list! If you see it written down, you might be more apt to do it!

3. Put your vitamins where you need them.  If you have something you take a bedtime, don’t leave it in the kitchen! Stick it by your toothbrush instead. Or, if you take your vitamin first thing in the morning, put it by the coffee pot. If you have to go looking for it, you probably won’t take it!

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Nature Made Vitamelts

4. Carry your vitamins with you!  The new Nature Made Vitamelts are a tasty and convenient way to take your vitamins on the go. You do not need water! Nature Made VitaMeltscan make taking your vitamin supplements a more enjoyable experience. VitaMelts are a line of great tasting vitamins that dissolve in your mouth and come in a small, portable package, so you can take them anytime, anywhere. They are naturally flavored and you can throw the handy flip top carrying case right into your purse. Now, if I run out the door with my granola bar and forget my vitamins, it doesn’t matter because I have them with me! With flavors like Juicy Orange, Mixed Berry, Creamy Vanilla, Honey Lemon, and Green Tea Mint I look forward to taking my vitamins because they taste good!

5. Schedule a reminder on your smart phone or computer:  It is hard to forget to do something when your phone ‘pings’ at you as a reminder! Set an alert for a particular time each day to help remember to take a moment to grab your vitamins!


What Lessons Did the Nature Made Bloggers Learn?

I have learned a lot over the course of my Nature Made Ambassadorship and the one thing that has really stuck with me is that I NEED to make time to take my vitamins. With such a busy lifestyle, I tend to skip taking care of ME in favor of taking care of other things. That is not a good choice in the overall scheme of my health! While I try and eat healthy, taking vitamins is important, too. Our soil is not as fertile as it once was, leaving our foods less nutritious than they might have been 100 years ago. Our foods travel farther, thus losing nutrients over time. Even if we eat a perfect diet we may be getting fewer vitamins in our diet than we should. I feel confident that Nature Made vitamins can help improve my overall nutrition because the have the scientific proof to back up their products.

Fitting vitamins into my busy life isn’t always easy but I am trying to make it a part of my every day routine. The Nature Made Vitamelts that I have tried over the past few months are absolutely delicious and fit in easily to my fast paced life. My life isn’t about to slow down any time soon. I am glad the Nature Made has come up with a creative way to make vitamins tastier and easier to take on the go with me.

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  1. I LOVE Vitamin C vitamelts. I take those along with a ton of other immune system-boosting foods and drink daily to prevent sickness as much as I can!


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