10 Ways to Repurpose Old Toothbrushes to Save Time and Money

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Have a spare old toothbrush lying around? Dont throw it away! Instead, try one of these ways to repurpose old toothbrushes. I have SO many of them! I am slightly anal retentive about getting all of us to the dentist twice a year. Of course, at each of these dentist appointments we get a new toothbrush. That means 8 old toothbrushes need to find new uses every single year. On top of that, I tend to replace toothbrushes randomly when they are looking particularly worn or someone is sick. I am always looking at those old toothbrushes and wondering what in the world I can do with them besides throw them away. I decided I needed to put together a list of things that I could do with our old toothbrushes so I can stop feeling so guilty every time one ends up in the trashcan. Once you find a new use for your old toothbrush, check out my other eco friendly bathroom ideas as well.

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Wondering what to do with old toothbrushes? Don't throw them away! Here are 10 ways to repurpose old toothbrushes to save time and money!


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10 Ways to Repurpose Old Toothbrushes

  • Clean the dog’s teeth:  They make fancy doggie toothbrushes but couldn’t I just use one of our old toothbrushes instead? Along with some canine toothpaste I bet it would go a long way towards freshening up her breath!
  • Bathroom faucet cleaning:  I know I’m not the only one who gets that nasty buildup at the bottom of the sink faucets. Old toothbrushes are great for scrubbing that away.
  • Clean computer keyboards:  All that crud that falls in between your keys because you are snacking while you type? Old toothbrushes are great for getting into those crevices!
  • Clean jewelry:  If you wedding ring is looking a little bit dull just use an old toothbrush along with some jewelry cleaner and get it looking brand new.
  • Scrub your nails:  After gardening I always have tons of dirt under my nails. Old toothbrushes are just like fancy nail brushes only much cheaper!
  • Clean your cheese grater:  I hate trying to get the cheese grater clean, especially when my wash rag just gets stuck in those sharp little holes!
  • Let your kids get artistic:  Hand your kids an old toothbrush, some paint and some paper and see what sort of masterpiece they can come up with.
  • Garden markers:  Use a sharpie to write on the handle of your toothbrush and bury the ‘head’ in the soil. Now you know where your tomatoes are and which plants are your peppers!
  • Remove crayon marks from the wall:  Along with a bit of shaving cream, you can scrub crayon marks off the wall with your old toothbrushes.
  • Remove mud from the treads of sneakers: Instead of having your kids leave bits of dried mud all over the house, clean the soles of their sneakers with old toothbrushes.

How to Reuse Old Toothbrushes

More Eco Friendly Dental Care Tips

Clean teeth are important. However, the choices you make to GET those clean teeth do make a difference. Try an all natural toothpaste and a recycled toothbrush for cleaning your teeth. While sometimes, you have to throw away an old toothbrush, there are plenty of ways to repurpose old toothbrushes instead of throwing them away. A well used toothbrush means you are a superb teeth cleaner. But, you can also be a superb teeth cleaner with a small carbon footprint!

Have any other ways to repurpose old toothrushes?


  1. I would never have thought to use an old toothbrush on the dog! We do use them to clean jewelry.

  2. These are some amazing ideas. I would have never though to use an old tooth brush to clean my cheese grater, they are so very hard to clean, and now it will be much easier.

  3. Yes, we use ours for everything around the house. They make the best cleaning utensils.

  4. I use mine for jewelry and bathroom cleaning as well!

  5. I like the idea of using them as a garden marker or a craft tool!

  6. I never would have thought of a few of those, like the garden tool or to clean out the cheese grater. I never thought of giving it to the kids to use to paint.

  7. I like the idea for computer keyboard.?

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