Learn What to Pack in Your Gym Bag

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Like many people, I made a pledge to myself that this year I would be eating healthier and getting more exercise. Eating healthier has been pretty easy but making myself exercise more has been a hard sell.

Oh, I spend 20 minutes or so in the morning on the rowing machine and try to go for a walk several nights a week but I really need to start pushing myself more. A good, hard workout a few times a week needs to become more of a priority.

I much prefer to hit the hot tub when I go to the gym rather than the weight bench! I am determined to start building muscle, increasing flexibility, and really working up a sweat!

When I go to the gym, I see all those gym bunnies with their huge workout bags and I have to wonder what in the world they actually put in there! Since I want to start spending more time at the gym, I decided to get myself a dedicated gym bag and fill it with all the essentials I need for a hard workout.

If you are planning on working out more but don’t know what to pack in your gym bag, here are a few things that will be going in mine!

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What to Pack in Your Gym Bag

Here are a few important things to pack in your gym bag before you head out.

1. The right clothes

Make sure you have a few key pieces of workout clothes in your gym bag. Yoga pants and a form-fitting top for a yoga class and biker shorts and a sports bra for that spinning class.

If you have ever tried doing a spinning class in yoga pants you will understand why you need different clothes for different types of workouts! Make sure sports-specific gear is in your bag, too. Goggles for swimming, gloves for lifting weights, etc.

2. First aid/hygiene supplies

If you will be showering at the gym, make sure you have a portable supply of all of your hair and makeup products.

Pack your flip-flops if you will be hitting the shower. Make sure you pack some hand wipes and band-aids in case of emergencies.

What to pack in your gym bag

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3. Snacks and drinks

Your body needs the right combination of protein and carbs to fuel your workout. If you are wondering what to pack in your gym bag in terms of snacks, make sure you are choosing the right ones!

V8 Protein shakes and bars combine ingredients you know, like quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes with delicious additions like honey and cocoa. They provide a satisfying and tasty way to increase your energy.

V8 Protein Shakes come in either Chocolate Vanilla or Chocolate Raspberry. V8 Protein Bars are available in either Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Pomegranate, or Oatmeal Raisin. Both the shakes AND the bars are tasty and their portability makes them ideal for throwing in your gym bag.

Bars and shakes can be purchased online on Amazon or can be found at your local store’s health and beauty aisles. (Why not Buy now? ) I love that these high-protein shakes offer 12 grams of protein and as much calcium and Vitamin D as a glass of milk.

They do not contain high fructose corn syrup, which is nice to know. The bars contain a quarter cup of vegetables in each one and are loaded with fiber. Both are great choices for your post-workout snack! I grabbed the

Chocolate and Peanut butter one before my workout today and it was chewy and sweet and a nice little pre-workout snack!


4. A towel

I personally do not trust any towel provided by the gym. I am just way too paranoid about what sort of germs are being spread through improperly washed sweaty towels.

Most of the time, germs don’t concern me at all but there seems to be a lot of nasty germs spread through gym facilities! If you plan on doing yoga, there are towels specifically designed for that.

5. The right shoes

Much like the rest of the workout gear, make sure you have the right shoes for your workout. Don’t skimp on good footwear! You may regret it for the rest of your life! What do YOU throw in your gym bag for after-workout snacking?

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